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Left to right: Lucy, Sophie and Stacie own a hair and beauty salon in St Albans, Herts
Left to right: Lucy,Sophie, Stacie
This is a 'get out of here, it must be crazy' kind of story. These three sisters say they have earned gifts worth of £75,000 just for posting pictures of themselves online. Lucy 28, Sophie 26 and Stacie Brooks 25 direct their admirers to a wish list where they can buy gifts for them and send to them instead of liking their pictures.

They have gotten gifts from designer bags to designer perfumes to shoes to even a dining table. The sisters who run a hair and beauty salon in St Albans, Herts say it is not seedy. They say they don't sell their bodies or meet with the admirers and they have boyfriends who are okay with it.

Here are more pictures of the sisters:

Sophie (top) and Stacie on a night out in glamorous evening wear
Sophie and Stacie

Left to right: Lucy, Sophie and Stacie use their immaculate appearance to entertain their legion of online fans

Left to right: Sophie, Lucy and Stacie pulling faces and having fun on a night out. The three say that their admirers 'feel good' when they buy them gifts

The Sisters' Gifts so far:

Computers £4,500
Dining Table £400
Antique Mirror £700
Ipads £2100
Photography Gear £2000
Perfumes £5000
Shoes £5000
Handbags £3000
Gift cards £15000
TVs £800
Sound System £400
Flowers £10400

What can i say? They didn't point a gun at the heads of the admirers and since they claim they are not performing any 'sexual favors' then it can't be all that bad i guess. It is just that i am amazed that some people's love of selfie taking is actually earning them gifts. So all you people that like taking selfies up and down, you had better be posing and editing them well so that you can get gifts like

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