Saturday, November 14, 2015


Thousands of people have taken to the streets of Paris to pay tribute to the victims of last nights' horrific attacks
People paying tributes to the victims of yesterday's madness
Looking at these pictures, i ache and i am seriously angry. THIS NONSENSE MUST STOP! Parents are looking for their children, sisters/brothers are looking for their siblings and some people are patting themselves on the back for a job well done. I curse all of the people involved in these atrocities!! May you all die a terrible death after suffering for your crimes!

Distraught family have launched a desperate search for loved ones feared dead in the ISIS Paris massacre including Precilla Correia and Manu Perez (above) who were watching a heavy metal gig at the Bataclan concert hall when gunman slaughtered up to 80 fans
In case anyone has any information....
Loved ones posted this picture Lamia Mondegeur in the hope of locating the 30-year-old who hasn't been since last night
Her name is Lamia Mondegeur and she is missing too
Georges Saline is one of the parents looking for their children: Last night, he tweeted his appeal in the desperate hope finding her
A dad looking for his daughter posts on twitter to help find her
Benoit Messager appealed for help finding his sister, who has not been heard from since last night
Benoit Messager is looking for his sister
Mourners leave floral tributes at the main entrance of Le Carillon restaurant which was targeted in a series of terrorist attacks in Paris
Mourners laying flowers at Le Carillon Restaurant which was targeted in the attacks
A mourner pays his respect outside the Le Carillon restaurant the morning after a series of deadly attacks in Paris that killed at least 129

A victim under a blanket lays dead outside the Bataclan theatre in Paris where around 100 concert-goers were massacred by jihadi gunmen
A victim covered on the road....
A victim is wheeled out of the Bataclan concert hall where Islamic State gunmen mercilessly slaughtered up to 100 fans before blowing themselves up in a series of co-ordinated attacks across the French capital
Paramedics taking a dead victim away....Lord have mercy.
A woman cries in front the Carillon cafe in Paris, France

Shock: A woman breaks down in tears while visiting Le Carillon cafe, where around 14 people were killed in the terror attacks

Photo source: Dailymail

May the souls of the departed rest in perfect peace....Amen. The victims could have been anyone.

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