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Moment by moment: This graphic shows how each of the attacks in Paris unfolded late Friday night, beginning at the Stade de France at 9:20pm and continuing at the Bataclan theatre until just after mingiht
I am still in shock with the news coming from France, i don't know how to express my thoughts. When i first saw the news, i thought that a car accident or a petty crime had occurred. It was when more reports started coming that i knew that something major had occurred. I went to bed last night with the total amount of people dead at 48 (the last time i checked) only for me to see that the figures had increased to 129 today.

I can't just begin to understand these beasts! They are not human beings but animals with no iota of sense. What did the people watching a football match or a concert or eating at a restaurant ever do to you?

I curse the day they were born and i curse the people who are sponsoring these attacks. The day of reckoning beckons for them all. And i pray for the staff members of all security agencies all over the world. May God grant them the wisdom and courage to take down these vile human beings.

So that is how 129 people are gone for no good reason. And 300 people are injured. May God have mercy on us. They carried seven successive attacks! Lord, have mercy on us. I just can't deal with it.
First target: The Stade de France was the first to be hit by the spree of ISIS attacks on Paris. The sports venue was rocked by three successive explosions, the first of which came at 9:20pm on Friday
First Target....Stade de France
Main attacks: The site of the most sustained killing was the Bataclan theatre on Boulevard Voltaire, where at least 80 people died
The place where 80 people were killed....Bataclan Theatre on Boulevard Voltaire
Victims: French special forces escort wounded concertgoers from the venue in the wake of the attacks
Wounded Concert goers...
Suicide bomber: One attacker blow himself up outside Comptoir Voltaire, more than a mile from the other attack sites. He is thought to be the only casualty
Another suicide bomber blew himself up at Comptoir Voltaire
Photo source: Dailymail

And i just read that one of the bombers entered France with a Syrian passport through Greece like a migrant. I am so worried about the situation of the true migrants now. Countries that accommodated them are now going to throw them out. Just reading that news reminded me of what a friend of mine said when we watching a news programme about the migrants situation. She was worried that the terrorists would use this to their advantage and lo and behold, they have done so. May God have mercy on us all.

I just hope one day all this would end. I am getting really tired of all their nonsense.

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