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Before I start writing today’s post I would like to ask all my tech wizard readers on how to reduce the size of a file, MS word or PDF. I am supposed to upload some of my credentials on a website and they specified that the data size be 100KB. I have no clue how to reduce a 1MB file to 100KB. I am so confused. And I need to submit within the next 10 days. Help!! Please help me people…. Thank you

My presentation was yesterday and people said I did more than okay. However I felt that I did below the standard I had set. I had practiced for days and I knew what I wanted to say but standing in front of less than 15 people caused me to still shiver and I forgot what I wanted to say or how I planned to say them. I wanted to be interesting and funny so that the attention of my audience won’t waiver but I ended up being the same boring person I think I am. At a point I even heard my voice shaking, I had to shake it off immediately. I also had a case of butterflies in my tummy too.

But all in all with all my flaws I think I did okay too. At least I was able to answer the questions and practiced public speaking again. Thank God. Also the outfit I wore was rocking. I planned on having a friend take me pictures but apparently my battery in my camera decided to die on me (I didn’t know that I could not charge it with my laptop). Also can you imagine, my laptop almost disgraced me? It refuse to come on when it was time for me to present.

Here is a picture of the outfit I wore (my in charge took the picture after I was through with the presentation), hope you all approve.

Say Cheeesssseeee.......

On Tuesday (the 19th), a pharmaceutical company decided to mark ‘world diabetes day’ that usually comes up on the 14th of November every year. So the plan was to march around the hospital and create awareness, even though like a consultant said, we were supposed to create awareness with non hospital staff outside the hospital as most of us in the hospital know about diabetes. But rain had some serious other plans. It rained heavily at that period. This was a rain that there was no visibility at all…..*scary*.

So we just wore our T-shirts that my in charge had to displace some people for (when would the injustice to pharmacists end) and was as usually big for me and pretended to march (or should I say ‘I’ pretended to march). I was too busy snapping away to be interested in singing and marching around the hospital.

Anyway here are some pictures. Before anybody yabs me about the way I wore the cap, hear me out first. I work in a hospital with medics that are so stiff and most of the times not fun, so in other not to look like everyone I decided to be a rebel hence the snap-back style. Hey, I have to be the diva all the time na…..hahaha.

Pharm 1 and ADPS

People actually creating awareness

The crowd
Pharm and Doc
Rain, Rain go away!
Pretending to be involved in creating
Mwah! A kiss from me to you all....
That is all for today folks. Be sure to check this space tomorrow for the giveaway rules. Yep Guys! The competition would start tomorrow and 1 lucky female and male reader would get a chance to win something spectacular. Hope you check my blog out tomorrow.

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  1. you look fab in that red dress.
    congratulations on your presentation and you will always get better at the next one.

    1. Thanks dear. I pray so because i am going to be giving presentations for a long time...

  2. LMAO at "pretending to create awareness" Nigerian Navy hasn't left you one bit!!!

    You look smart and ready and I am sure you did well... It gets better with time like Uche rightly mentioned!

  3. The facts is there is nobody who doesn't get butterflies when mounting the lectern/podium no matter the number of years of public speaking he/she has had. Even newscasters get butterflies in the 5 seconds or so they begin broadcasting; the key is be yourself and look above people's heads and not into their eyes.

    Am not tech savvy buy I think you'll see a dialogue box asking you if you want the doc in its original size or some other sizes.
    I just caught that Kiss! XXX

    1. Okay, guess i am normal then. I think i have been able to reduce the size of the files. I have uploaded 3 of what is required. Thanks.

  4. I'm glad to here your presentation went well. Congrats!

    1. Thanks dear. How is Lagos treating you?

    2. Pls after weaning my baby I lost a lot of weight and I want u to prescribe a good multivitamin for me.

    3. Please send a mail to, i would like to ask you some questions which would determine the multivitamin i would recommend.


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