Sunday, November 24, 2013


I went to a burial yesterday (my fourth burial in total and my 2nd ibibio burial), the deceased person was 105 years (what! i wonder what he was eating) and the father to a senior colleague. There was so much to eat and i now understood why they spend so much on burial and it makes them keep a dead body for so long before they can bury them (the deceased died in January and was being buried in November).

Anyway as i am now a mini paparazzi i took some pictures not only of the event but of course of me and also of my colleagues that attended. I hope you enjoy viewing the pictures.

Hands in da air....whoop! whoop!!

If you don't know that i like to pose by now, then you are seriously not checking out this blog....

Namesakes and colleagues, medics in the house....

The environs

The corpse passing by to the graveside

I had to change to flats, my legs were wobbly in the heels

I know, i know, i am a fine

To see more pictures of my outfit, please check out I would be posting my pictures there. Unfortunately i don't know the name of where we went to (it has Iman in it) but it was a fun day after all. Rain almost spoiled the day and we missed the first bus going there.

Thanks for checking out my blog. Have a blessed week.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva

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  1. You sha want to do shine your eyes for me with your ballet shoes tsk tsk. Am coming to aks to raid your wardrobe. Biko I don't know how to insert pictures on my blog or do that check here link that will take you to another post. Help me mbok.
    You are petite indeed! Looks like am taller than you self

    1. Hahaha, you are welcome to raid it but you might not find anything that is your size o. To upload pictures when you want to post, underneath the post topic space you should see a bar that has link, a picture icon, video icon font icon and other things, click on the picture icon to upload pictures and click on the link for links.

      If you don't want the web address of the post to show, first highlight what you want to show (after writing it) then click on the link icon, then you paste the address of the post in the second space. I hope you understand what i just wrote.

    2. Thanks! You're a life saver. I use size 38! Oya talk another one

    3. Voicemail for you o. I use size 35.5/36.

  2. Aha! I'm singing Eminado for your last pose Loool... But you are yeye o, went for burial and still doing "whoop whoop" LMAOOO .. I love your style <3_<3

    1. Aunty, the guy was 105 o wetin you want make i do?


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