Sunday, November 17, 2013

WASH DAY.......

Like I said I conducted what I call a moisturising wash (named so because I don’t use any protein treatment during such wash) yesterday. Here are the steps I took:

1.   PREPOO: I always, always prepoo. I prepoo because I use sulphate based shampoos but I don’t think I would stop even when I eventually get sulphate free shampoos. Anyway I prepooed with hot oil on my scalp and Emily millionaire’s coconut oil cream. I learnt about using the Emily millionaire cream from Uzoma at and I cannot begin to tell you how soft my hair feels after the mix has stayed for about 30-45minutes. Apparently my natural and relaxed hair love it as a prepoo.

Prepooing after 45mins....check out my pink phones in the background

2.  SHAMPOO: I heard that black soap (real black soap) doesn’t strip the hair like sulphate based shampoo so I decided to try it with the remaining amount I had left from a bar I used to use to have my bath (coveringmyeyes….i didn’t want to open a new one). My hair didn't feel any different after using it to cleanse my hair twice. I guess it might be as a result of the prepoo. It cleaned my hair and it wasn’t dry. I guess why I might have not noticed any difference is because I prepoo and my shampoo is always diluted or mixed with conditioner. 
Dudu Osun Black Soap

3. TEA RINSE: I try to always do a black tea rinse (using Ahmad strawberry flavoured black tea).  I can’t drink tea because of caffeine…..*wailing. Hey! That reminds me I have teas that have no caffeine. Yippe!! Tea time. Tea rinses help to stop excess shedding.

4.     DEEP CONDITIONING: After the tea rinse which I let drain for a while and used a micro fibre towel to soak up the excess liquid running down my neck, i applied my moisture deep conditioner that I had mixed with a little amount of honey. I applied it on, covered my hair with a plastic bag, 2 shower caps and my mother’s old electric conditioning cap that I had cut of the wire since it was not working and kept it on for 30 minutes. I don’t understand the cap, it gets hot even without the electricity. One day I would dip it in hot water and see how it goes. My hair felt incredible after keeping it for 30mins. I detangled for less than 2 minutes.
Organics Olive oil Deep Conditioner and Honey

Before the shower caps and conditioning cap
Broken and shed hair from detangling....Yep! that is a 1 Naira

5.     FINAL RINSE: I rinsed off the deep conditioner with cold water to close the hair cuticles, did a diluted apple cider vinegar rinse and half rinsed with water. ACV rinse helps to give your hair shine. It also helps with dandruff, however I don’t have dandruff I use it for the shine.

Check out my curls.....

6.     USE OF DIRECT HEAT: I used a tshirt to soak up the water from my hair, applied my make-up(since I was planning on going out), added my protein and moisture leave in when my hair was dry a bit but damp. Applied a little of my growth lotion, packed in a side puffy ponytail and headed off to the salon to get my hair flat ironed. While waiting for the stylist I applied a bit of my heat protectant and was placed under a hood dryer for my almost dried hair to dry. I wanted to blow dry my hair first but apparently her hand dryer had spoiled. She then proceeded to flat iron my hair. To each section she took to straighten she applied my heat serum. That action she took without me saying a word has made me believe that some of these Nigerian hairstylists know the right thing but refuse to do it because they are trying to cut corners.
Broken hair while Straightening

Well that is how my wash day went, here are pictures of my hair. 
Poof!! Out of the hood dryer

Front view....I am crying! This is so sad

Back view....This hair is in serious trouble

Is that a ponytail or something else?

It is official I am at shoulder blade length….*crying. Oh well, here is to a massive hair growth challenge. I am even considering the inversion method. I want to be at bra strap level next year November.

Thanks for checking out my blog. I hope you enjoyed today’s post. See you soon.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva.


  1. My hair is full but the length ehn! I've decided to go natural for 6 months, wear protective styles during the period and then relax. Wait, u in aks abi? I fink am visiting soon.
    Sweetie, can you disable the code thing? I hate it I swear!

    1. I am with you on protective styles. It is nice that you are coming to the land of uncommon transformation, maybe we would be able to meet. What code? I don't know what you mean o

    2. Yup yup! My bro was posted there for nysc and he's been showing me pictures!!!!!!. I swear I'll look for u where eva so long its in aks. The code that comes up when we want to comment

    3. Okay, that is great. I think i have removed the verification code thing. Not sure o but i clicked something now. And oh i just featured your memories post, it was too great for me not to share, Hope you don't mind. I had a back link to your blog, so i hope my readers would check your blog out soon.

    4. Yeah! It has been removed. Thanks hun

  2. *phew* Ol boy!!! dis na work o! Weldon and your hair is looking great ... Wow! I can only do the prepoo stuff I guess I should get the Emily Millionaire's dama I have been wondering which hair cream to get. Thank you Diva *kisses

    1. You can use it as a cream to seal after moisturising and sealing with oil but i think the best use for it on my hair right now is for prepooing. Hair care is serious work o but seeing as i wash when i am busy doing house chores, it doesn't seem like work anymore.

  3. Lovely post. I liked all your pics. I need to get better with taking pics for my wash day. I'm glad Emily Millionaire Coconut Oil worked for you.

    1. Thanks for the tip. I take lots of pics then select the ones that are nice.


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