Sunday, November 10, 2013


After 19 months of not applying a relaxer on my hair I finally went back to the creamy crack. I was nervous but after months of researching on the best way to relax my hair I hoped I would be able to direct my hairstylist on the best way to relax my hair.

The first thing I did prior to the relaxer application was prep my hair with a heavy protein treatment wash and roller set my hair (even though my hair didn’t remain stretched for more than 24hours. I have explained the essence of doing a protein treatment here.

Since I didn’t immediately relax my hair after the wash, I maintained my normal moisturising regimen so my hair was a bit oily. The hair stylist complained but I told her it was fine. I made sure I had applied my oil and heavy cream so that the relaxer would not over process my hair. I wanted a relaxed but under processed hair since I have very fine hair. I also mixed my lye relaxer with oil (I measured it too so that I would have a consistent formula whenever I am retouching) about 1 hour to when I was supposed to use the relaxer. All of this is to achieve a bit of texture in my hair. Lye relaxers don't over process your hair unlike no lye relaxer but are not as gentle as no lye relaxer. No lye relaxers come with an activator and lye relaxers do not need activators (just in case you were wondering about the difference between the two).

The relaxer was applied the normal way but I made sure that she didn’t apply the relaxer close to my scalp when applying it the first time so as not to cause any scalp irritation or burn. I also made sure she didn’t use the normal rat tail comb. She used a bigger comb that I had brought with me (you should see all the things i took along, she was surprised). Ain’t got no time for severe thugging of my hair.

Immediately she was through with the application, I told her to wash it off and she said I shouldn’t, that I should wait for it to process and I said no. She wasted about a minute looking for some things then washed off the relaxer with my ‘Vitale olive oil anti-breakage neutralising shampoo’ that has colour indicator. 

Because it was late, I mixed my light protein treatment and my moisturising deep conditioner together, had her apply it on my hair, covered my hair with 2 shower caps and left it on for 45 min. 

It was rinsed off with cold water and one rinse of diluted apple cider vinegar to completely neutralise any relaxer that might still be in my hair and also to give my hair a bit of shine. I did a roller set with my protein leave in conditioner (I told the girls to apply a little and use their setting lotion but they didn’t hear that and used up all my protein leave in). I tried to do a saran wrap with my cling film but I don’t think I got it. Oh well, I would try it another time. I think my relaxer application day went well. I don't think i suffered any setback. I ended up with a relaxed hair that was slightly under processed. If i want my hair straight i would use a flat iron.

I packed my hair the next day into bun using a sock bun and took pictures that you all can now view. Hope you all enjoy them:

left side view and length

front view and length

right side view and length


check out my smooth skin......yay!

Thanks for checking out my blog. I am amazed at the amount of views it has gotten. I am almost at 10000 views. I am thinking of having a giveaway when I hit 10000 views. From the way the number keeps going up I am sure I would be having the giveaway competition before the end of this week. Keep your fingers crossed guys and check out this space for more information.

Have a lovely week.
Luv ya,
Petite Diva.


  1. Good God Diva!!! where did you get all the information and patience to do and carry all those stuff for your hair? Wow! But it will look stunning when you use a flat iron.. Inspired by youuu :*** Weldon!

    1. Girl, i have always wanted waist length hair and i must to get it. And now that i am able to research and apply all the information i must to have the patience o. I know that it would look great when i use a flat iron but i am afraid of using direct heat on my hair. I am happy that i inspired you......*smiling


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