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So i decided to check out the blog of one of my readers and came across this post that she wrote and i just, just had to share it. It is so funny and made me think of all the things that happened in secondary school. I was not a troublesome child per se but i remember being a 'no nonsense' girl sometimes.

I remember having an issue with the head girl of my school when i was in JSS 2. She took my chair and claimed that it was hers after my seat partner and i had branded the chair. I got my class teacher and some naval men to get my chair back from her. I didn't know that she was the head girl then but i couldn't care less, i wasn't going to steal someone's chair and i was not going to sit on the floor. I know, i have been a troublemaker with authorities since i was kid so it shouldn't surprise anyone when i do some stunts now.

Anyway please check out Amaka's blog here, she writes wonderfully. She writes some posst like poems. I did Literature in English in my senior years and i can't write poems for the life of me. But i think it is my background in Lit in English that has helped me in my writing and in my ability to read fast and understand what i am reading.

Anyway here is the article that got me laughing, you can write some of the things you remembered doing when you were in High/Secondary school so that we can all laugh and smile together. And oh, also rep your school while doing so. I am a fabulous product of Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Navy Town, Lagos. Don't mess with me Navy girl for life y'all!!!


Badagry town, door of civilization
First Christianity and merchants the next
Then followed order and regulation
And yorubas with eguns were at rest.

For six years, that was what I chanted every morning at Badagry Grammar School( my secondary school); yesterday, I ran into some old students that finished before I was even born and the memories of secondary school hit me hard!

I remember the first day I resumed JSS1, I was so excited I was starting a whole new world, but alas! My joy was cut off immediately my mum finished the registration and left me all alone. It then dawned on me I was in the midst of strangers. I decided to go to my new class and as I marched across the green lawn, I heard "hey, stop there" I turned back and saw this "pankere" wielding teacher (Mr Oyekunle), as the fear of pankere especially thin ones was the beginning of wisdom, I started begging but he flogged me six strokes and told me never to cross the lawn. Immediately I got home, I told my mum I wasn't going to that school again but she laughed and lectured me on the difference between primary and secondary school.

When we sat for our second term examinations, I came second and I cried. I didn't cry because I came second but because a boy beat me to it! By the next term of course, I sat up and your guess is as good as mine.

Did I forget the day we were assigned seats and it was a boy and a girl per seat? You should have seen the looks on our faces as the belief was if you sat with a boy, it meant he was your husband (giggles) some of us even went as far as measuring and dividing our seat and table into two with the "don't pass your boundary" warning. I remember Abiola Busari was my seat mate and he was always crying because I made sure to always pass my boundary!

I remember my great friends: Chigozie Ogu, Adiele Nkechi, Ogwor Elohor, Okereke Chioma, Isujeh Toyin, Adama Esther, Robert Bodunrin, Okpala Uche, Biayeibo Preye, Amosu Tolani, Onyiye Egwudo, Bisi Adeyoyin, Kemi(always bullying me tho), Priscilla, Nnanna, Solomon, Spencer, Emmanuel John, Soji, Sodiq, Tope, okin Damilola, Seun Lawson and co, Odita Benjamin and co, Jennifer and Jeffery, tosin and co, bello and co, rosemary, delodun and co, melinda, ifelayo, prest, ibrahim, goke, man! Fond memories are rushing right now! I can't remember some people at the moment but trust me,I cherish the years we spent together. I still have that slum book from SS2! I read it and laugh! You all helped to mold me into who I am today.

How can I forget my teachers! Ms Machi! Boy! The Oral english and letter writing classes! How we hated them! Ma! The good English I speak today is because of you! Mr Ekeata that discovered my debating skills! He was always with us, till 6, preparing us for debates, Ms Onineh my biology mistress, mr Oyekunle that decorated my body with pankere. I won't mention the names of the others that were unnecessarily wicked and all sha.

Am proud of my alma mater! Up BGS!!!!

I am sure you all enjoyed the post. Told ya! Don't forget to check out her blog on

I have to go. Thanks for stopping by. Have a blessed week.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva.


  1. Awww *wipes tears* thanks for featuring my post. I feel so loved!!!!!!!! My sister, I didn't write two incidences. 1. In JSS3, our english teacher slapped me for sitting at the back, I was seeing stars and I was boiling with rage that I raised my hand to slap her back but I thought about plenty things and didn't slap her.
    2) In SS1, the ass head boy was asking me out and I kept saying no so that fateful day my bff and I were lounging on the balcony that's how snr banji passed by and brushed me, I was like can't u see? That's how he lighted me, boy! I lighted him fast that's how he draggeD me to the vp admin! Boy! Our phe teacher gave me 12 strokes! Can't forget those events!
    I used one exeat pass like 5 times too *evil grin*

    1. You are welcome. Ah! You were a real troublemaker then o. Hope you have calmed down small now o.......hahahaha.

    2. My nickname was trouble back then. I still make trouble now but I've calmed down big time

    3. Okay o, just do small small

  2. LMAOOO OMG you reminded me of my own days too...oh and I'm also a humble Nigerian Navy Secondary School Ojo, Lagos product (-_-)7 #OnwardTogether Nigerian Navy couldn't have chosen a worse motto... I hated it, still do! :|

    Jejely moving to Amaka's blog :D


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