Friday, November 22, 2013


Yep, it is that time. I promised to have a giveaway competition to thank you guys for visiting my blog and causing it to have 10000 page views. I know for some people who just started blogging and have a lot of views already it might not seem so that much of a big deal to you but it is to me. 
I started this blog in 2010 and I was not consistent in blogging at all. It was either I was having writer’s block, too busy or I was having the worst network ever or I couldn’t afford to pay for my internet or I was too lazy. However within the last 2 months i saw the page views increase from 7000 to more than 10000. I actually thought it would reach 10000 views by December ending because I didn’t think lots of people wanted to read my blog but you all showed me that I was wrong. I am so grateful guys.

So in appreciation of your love towards me, I am having this giveaway competition. The rules are simple:
1.     Answer the simple questions I ask. Answers to the questions are either in some posts or somewhere on the front page of the blog.
2.     You need to be living in Nigeria. I won’t be able to send the prize to you if you are outside Nigeria.
3.     You need to leave your name and sex when you leave your answers since there is a gift for my guy readers and also for my girl readers.

 Here are the questions:
1.     Navy, Army or Air force? What kind of girl am i?
2.     What is my favorite T.V series?
3.     What is my favorite colour?
4.     Apart from writing, what other hobbies do I have?
5.     I work as a ……………. from 9-5  (or should I say 8-5)
6.     What tribe was I born into?
7.     I grew up in which state and what state do I work in? (2 questions in one, sorry)

That is all. Guys, have fun answering the questions. I know they are so cheap right? I wish you all the best of luck.

Now here are the pictures of what I would be offering. For the lucky male reader, i am giving away a body wash/deodorant combo by Old Spice..

For the lucky female reader, I would be giving out what I call ‘my moisturising essentials’. It consists of profectiv’s growth lotion and growth oil and also my specially made ‘whipped shea butter mix’. This three items are essential in ensuring that your hair stays moisturised all day.
Sorry that there is no picture of the shea butter mix but that is always freshly prepared before a supply....
I hope you are as excited as I am. The competition would last till the 4th of December and I should announce the winners by 6th of December. Please guys invite people to take part in the competition, the more the merrier. Maybe I would make a tradition to have a giveaway competition for every 10000 views.
Thanks for stopping by.
Luv ya,
Petite Diva.


  1. You know I know most of these answers, but now that u are being biased, only Nig.............hian.......Neways, thanks for d lip balm, that's my gift already. If u still can't tell who I am, I will have to shut down ur blog........

    1. Bukie, i can see you well. Maybe the next one would be open to other countries but for now it is only Naija o.

  2. 1) Navy 2) superman 3) pink 4) baking, make up 5) Pharmacist 6) Yoruba 7) Lagos, Akwa Ibom
    I hope am correct cus 95%. Of them I guessed oh!

  3. 1 Navy 2. Superman 3. Pink 4. Make up, baking and... 5. Pharm omowunmi frm OOU. 6. Yoruba(ikorodu). 7.Lagos(satelite town), UUTH Abak Road, Uyo Akwa Ibom Nigeria. Shikena. I don win am!!! Dandy walker

  4. Replies
    1. Welcome to the blogging world. Read some of my previous posts and you would know the answers...

    2. your hard work will pay off soon..well, i started blogging on October ds year and my budget b4 the year runs out was 10k pageviews. bt to God be the glory i've clocked close to 12k pageviews.oluwa noni

  5. can i also share my testimony? am a new blogger

  6. Ah! O ga o! No hope for me sha! My gift is an invite after my service, by Gods Grace, to Akwa Ibom... Thank you.

    Congratulations on your 10,000 plus readers. More ink to your pen and words to your vocabs!

    1. Ah! Are you telling me that you don't know the answers? Fatima!! I sure would. Thank you for everything....

  7. 1. Navy 2. Superman 3.Pink 4.Baking and applying make up 4.Pharmacist 5.Yoruba 6.Lagos, Uyo Akwaibom.

    1. Thanks for participating. Please continue to check out this blog when the competition is over and results are out.


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