Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Hey guys, before I start to write about the details of my wash day I just have to tell you about the three things of great importance that happened today.
One: A consultant in the Endocrinology department of my hospital saw me today with my in-charge and greeted me (after greeting my in-charge of course), then you won’t believe what he said next. He said that I had put up a picture of him and my madam on the net. And I was like ‘what?!’. I was shocked and started wondering when I put up a picture of him then I remembered that I had a blog and I had put up a picture of him in this post (a post i had written last week). I was stunned after I realized that for him to have said that, it meant that he had checked out my blog. I could literally not close my mouth. I couldn’t and can’t still believe it. How did he get to know about my blog? I still don’t know the answer.  Anyway, it just means my blog is going places….whoop! whoop!!....lol. Thank you sir for visiting my blog....

Two: I joined a Whatsapp hair chat group (hairlista) today……another Whoop! Whoop!! I was invited by Stella aka Ghlong of Ghlonghair.blogspot.com. Check out her blog for everything hair, you would seriously learn a lot.

Three: It is official! Someone is looking for my trouble o. I am on call AGAIN on Christmas Day. This is the 3rd time I am on call on Christmas day since I started working here, the only time I was not on call on Christmas day, I was placed on call on boxing day. Like someone should please give me a break! I am so angry right now but also calm because there is this feeling that I have that makes me so sure that I would never be put on Christmas calls ever again.

Now that I am through with my non hair related rambling, let’s get down to it. I washed my hair on Sunday, I did a heavy protein treatment as I was trying to prep my hair for my planned weave fixing.

PREPOO: I prepooed with my oil mix (warmed) on my scalp and Emily millionaire’s coconut oil cream on my hair strands. Covered with a plastic bag and 2 shower caps and let it on for 45mins.

SHAMPOO: I shampooed with a shampoo-conditioner mix I had made a long time ago. I made this mix simply by mixing equal quantity of shampoo and normal conditioner. I washed twice and my hair felt stripped. It was my first time experiencing such, weird. I guess I have never felt such before because I always wash once except with the black soap. Don’t think I would try washing twice again, I don’t like the way my hair felt.

PROTEIN TREATMENT: I made my protein treatment using 2 teaspoons of food mayonnaise, 1 egg yolk, added about half a teaspoon of my daily moisturising oil mix (I have 2 types of oil mix, please don’t ask me what is inside cos I can’t remember…*smile*), about 10 drops of neem oil (just got it on a wimp and trying to see what it does, maybe I should research its hair benefits though the medicinal benefit of Neem tree is its antimalarial property) and about a teaspoon of organics hair mayonnaise. That is where things went wrong. Maybe I shouldn’t say wrong, it just went somehow. My creamy thick mix became
a watery mix that was just too much for my hair after i added the organics mayonnaise. I still applied it like that (want not, waste not), covered with a plastic bag, 2 shower caps and left it on for 1 hour. I probably would have left it for longer but the mixture was dripping all over me. Note to self: never add egg yolk to hair mayonnaise.

TEA RINSE: after rinsing off the protein treatment with water, I rinsed with my strawberry flavoured tea. I allowed the tea to drain off then wrapped with a micro fibre towel to soak some of the water running off.

DEEP CONDITIONER: I applied organics olive oil deep conditioner that I mixed with honey on my hair, covered with a plastic bag, 2 shower caps, my mother’s old conditioning cap and left on for 1 hour. 

I rinsed off with cold water, wrapped in a micro fibre towel for about 10 minutes and placed my hair in a bun because I had to rush outside to get airtime because as I was uploading a post I discovered that my internet data had finished. That would mean that I finished 3.81GB in 8 days!! This is getting saddening. I used to struggle to finish 3 GB in 1 month now I have used up 12.9GB this month and the month is not yet over…..*wailing* I seriously need another source of income ooooo. I can’t keep up with this o. With my internet and phone, I am sure that I am spending close to 15 thousand naira on credit! That is outrageous and I am seriously not finding it funny o. This blog has got to pay for itself! 

Anyway I came back and loosened the bun, the hair was about 40% dried, I applied my new Vitale Olive oil anti breakage leave in conditioner then waited for my hair to dry some more before using my profectiv break-free leave in conditioner. I moisturised with profectiv growth lotion, sealed with my oil and T444Z hair food and my whipped shea butter mix, detangled and placed my hair in a bun.

So folks that was how my wash day went, I suffered very minimal hair breakage. I should probably do a review of the Vitale leave in conditioner after I have used it for a while. I ended up fixing the weave today instead of yesterday, I would upload pictures of my hair tomorrow. 

Thanks you all for stopping by, hope you enjoyed today’s post. I am sorry that I didn’t put up so much pictures I was too busy doing too many things at the same time to take pictures.

For newcomers to this blog, there is a giveaway competition going on right now. Please check here to be able to participate. Bye for now.

Luv ya, 
Petite Diva…


  1. Ghen Ghen Ghen ... some people are really out to frustrate your holiday moods... but no sweat, nothing NNSS Ojo hasn't already thought us! Well done, again (Y)

    1. Leave them, they just like looking for my trouble. They don't know that i am tougher than them.


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