Thursday, November 28, 2013


So today is Thanksgiving Day in United States of America and in the spirit of the holiday (there) I decided to write on a few things that I am grateful for.
1.  I am grateful for my profession. I am blessed to be able to call myself a pharmacist. Going to pharmacy school was not easy and even practicing has not been easy but God has given me the grace to cope. I believe that pharmacy in Nigeria would greatly improve soon.
2.     I am thankful for my Job. I may not be earning half a million naira or a million naira a month but I earn what is sufficient for me and my family. I have not had to want for anything and I love what I do. Not a lot of people can say that.
3.     I am grateful for my friends both offline and online. Yes, I have had to cut some from my life but it has been part of God’s plans to make me go higher in life. After I had to cut some, the reasons why it had to be so was revealed to me months after when I had stopped sulking. Like I said, everything working for my good uhn? And i have also gained some great friends.
4.     I am grateful for my family. As dysfunctional and weird as we are, I am grateful that we are all alive and well, a lot of people would love their family members to be alive but that is not so. I know things would get better in time.
5.     I am grateful for the gift of writing. It took me 26years to know that I love writing. I know I am not perfect but I do know I love it and one day i would be able to write things that would inspire people to strive to be the best that they can be.
6.     I am grateful for this blog and for you my readers. If I didn’t get positive feedback and see the amount of page views that this blog receives I would probably have stopped writing a long time ago. Thank you so much for coming to check out what I have written every day.
7.     I am grateful for my menses. Yes, you read right. I am grateful that every month I bleed. If you have been reading this blog for a long time you would have read where I wrote that the doctors said I had hyperprolactinemia. If you google hyperprolactinemia, you would see that one of the symptoms is that I should not bleed every month but God proved the doctors wrong. A doctor friend said that I am the ‘atypical’ patient, that even though my prolactin is high I am still having regular periods but I would still need to take drugs when I want to get pregnant. But to that I say, since I am having regular (over regular sef) periods I am going to have plenty kids without any pharmacological help. I am going to be the most exceptional case that they have ever seen
8.     I am thankful for how well this year has been. I was able to go on my first international trip (with my own money), was able to donate loads of stuff on my birthday like I have always dreamed of doing and was able to achieve so many other dreams. It is amazing how blessed I have been this year.
9.     I am extremely thankful for my life. I have fallen sick with malaria, flu, food poisoning, been on the road for so many hours, been suspended for about 12 hours in the air when flying and I am still alive. Some people just had headache and died, some felt weak and slumped and died. You never know how blessed you are until you work in a hospital. It is not easy coming to work early in the morning and seeing a body wrapped in clothes outside the ward waiting for the guys from the mortuary and know that the body belongs to a child of probably 8years old or less. Or staying in the pharmacy and hearing the sounds of someone giving up the ghost or hearing screams from relatives because someone just died. Or seeing someone who smells like burnt meat because an oil tanker caught fire and you know that person would be dead in less than 1 week and the person actually dies. I could go on and on but I think I should stop, I have started remembering cases where we struggled to make people live and they still died and it is making me cry right now. I am just grateful that I am alive and well.

I have so many more reasons to be thankful but I think I should stop there. So guys, what are you thankful for? 

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Thanksgiving.....
Luv ya,
Petite Diva.

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  1. I'm thankful even if things do not look perfect yet. I'm a work in progress..........

    1. You are right, you are a work in progress and God would be with you throughout your journey in life. Thanks for checking out my blog....

  2. Am grateful to God for making me to graduate this year. I didn't graduate @ 21 as planned but hey, 2 years aint bad
    Am grateful for being able to witness my brother being called to the bar
    Am grateful for my family both in Nigeria and UK. We travelled a lot this year but we didn't die via accident
    Am grateful to God for taking my hot temper away
    Am grateful to God for meeting a friend like you.....yes, you are my friend
    I shall be back to comment fully

    1. Congrats on graduating this year. Hey, 23 is not a bad age to graduate especially in Nigerian government owned Universities. God has a reason for every thing. Congrats to your bro. And yes, you are my friend. Come back

    2. Thanks bae. If I start typing what am thankful for, this blog won't contain.

  3. LOL at number 7 and amen too! you'll have girls and boys and girls and boys...lots of them!!! And number 9 so true, Health is even the first thing to be thankful for!

    1. Amen o. But i just want 4 o not I don't think i can cope with the madness of 10 kids. Yes, health and life are the number one things to be thankful for.

  4. am thankful for life and for my friends and family.
    happy thanksgiving.


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