Thursday, November 7, 2013


Hey guys, i am really tired but i just had to let you know that i have finally received my camera. Yay!!! And i have also finally relaxed my hair......booooooooooo!

Today has not really turned out as i planned but in all things i give thanks. I would try to write a post on everything that has happened today tomorrow and also post loads of pictures taken both with my phone and my spanking new pink camera. However here is a picture to keep you satisfied a bit:

I don't want to hear any comment about my superman dvd. Yay!! Series 1 gotten, 3 more to go....

Thanks for stopping by guys. Hope you check again tomorrow for the full post. I have to sleep, my eyes are aching and i am 'glassless' as i have handed over my old lenses for new one. Apparently the warped eyes of the optometrist saw something that looks like astigmatism. For their minds ehen! That is gist for tomorrow.

Luv ya.
Petite Diva.....


  1. Glad you were able to get your items. Hopefully, we will see more pics on the blog. Also, I'm happy you got the Lois & Clark DVDs. I remember you saying it was your favorite series.

    1. Thanks girl. I have uploaded more pictures. Hope Lagos is treating you well?


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