Monday, November 4, 2013


I watched 'Got to dance' recently and i have been reminded on how i love dancing so now i am seriously on the look out for a dance studio. Watching the show made me realise that if i had been raised in the U.K or U.S, i would probably not have been a pharmacist, i would have ended up being a dancer. And please how finnnnnneeeeee *blackamericanswagvoice is Ashley Banjo. Damnnnnnn! the boy is hawt!! And he can dancccccceeeeeeee!! And yes, yes, guys he is Nigerian. Not only is he Nigerian, He is Yoruba! Yes, guys i am super famzing. 95% of yoruba guys are

I am not a real football fan so it is hard for me to understand what the fuss is with my girlfriends and Mesut Ozil. Men, i hope they won't trade blows over him. They are so crazed about him. Me, i think he is not at all it!(please girls don't beat me up o). Even some of my guys are always talking about him and his football skills. Apparently he is very good......i no know for them. Abeg, with all the football talk i have decided to follow basketball instead of football. Hey, i am a different breed, i need to follow another path.

Yay!! My Boss checked out my blog yesterday. Thank You ma for stopping by. Apparently i got a lot of hits/views yesterday. I am thinking of creating a facebook page for my blog. If only i knew how to create it. My adopted baby bro said i should get an editor for my blog since my blog is going up like lindaikeji's blog......haha, i wish (but hey it is good to dream). Maybe someone would soon pay me to advertise their goods or services here.......#iamdreamingbig.

My eyes have been really aching lately and my glasses seem weak. I hope they don't have to increase the strength of my prescription. I know i don't use it always but this is outrageous. I can barely read for 2 hours without my eyes aching. Maybe it is all the time i spend on the computer. I guess i need to get some vitamin A in my body.

My goods are on their way to Uyo. They arrived at the Lagos office of the shipping company i am using. I would putting up a post on my second experience with the company but let me say that i am pleased. It has been a very different experience from the first one. I have not had to call them at all. I just sent a few mails when i didn't understand something. Anyway let me see my goods and i hope everything is intact else heads would roll.

I have to go. My eyes are really acting up and i have refused to wear my glasses. But i know i have to make that appointment with the ophthalmologists, when? i don't know yet.

Thanks for stopping by, i really appreciate it.

Have a wonderful week,
Luv ya,
Petite Diva.

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