Sunday, December 15, 2013


It is time for another sights from uyo post. The pictures in this post are taken from wellington bassey way. Wellington Bassey way is the road leading to the Governor's House (and i think office). I couldn't get close to the Governor's office, i am sure there would be more spectacular decorations there but i doubt the security agents there would allow me to take pictures.

Anyway i hope you guys love the pictures, i got teased yesterday for trying to take shots of the decorations. If they only knew i love taking the pictures and they only knew that they are giving me the motivation i need to be better. I actually think i am better in taking the shots, didn't have any blurry pictures this time. Thank you to those who advised me on how to take good pictures.

Happy Viewing and Happy Sunday.....

That is all folks. To the winners of my giveaway, i would be sending the prizes this week as promised.

I have to run, i am on call later today so i need to prepare. Have a lovely week and thanks for stopping by.

Petite Diva..

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