Saturday, December 21, 2013


Hey you guys, it has been fun this last couple of days. From the football match that occurred between management staff of my hospital and the nurses in the hospital, to me being able to get shots of the decorations at Itam Junction, Uyo and i was also able to attend the annual dinner of the Association of Resident Doctors, UUTH.

I have so much pictures for you all to see. I would upload them in different posts possible today (hopefully airtel would allow me). Anyway Uloma of asked to see pictures of my current weave so i decided to oblige her.

I had installed a weave called 'Classy Deep' by Noble on tuesday. It is a synthetic one and reasonably cheap. I got a pack in Lagos at 550 naira and i used 2 packs. A friend of mine teased me because i still wear synthetic hair despite the fact that i can afford human hair both the low grade and high grade ones but i have some of reasons why i don't wear human hair.

And they are:
  1. I don't use my weaves more than once. I tried using a weave twice and i was scratching my head so much. I washed the weave before fixing it again but something was not just right. I don't know whether it is my mind that was playing tricks on meor it was the way the weave was fixed, i just know i ended up removing the weave after a week or so. I bought a protein hair once, Pro 10 for 1500 naira each (i bought 2 packs) and after i used it the first time, i decided to keep it and use it again. After some months, i was arranging some things, i saw it, smelt it and instantly threw it away. I just couldn't imagine it on my head. 
  2. Since i can't use my weaves more than once buying expensive weaves and using them once doesn't make any financial sense. Can you imagine me buying weaves of 10,000 or 40,000 naira and throwing it away after one use. Am i Bill Gates' daughter? I don't have that kind of money o.
  3. I can't imagine me buying Indian, Argentinian, Brazilian, Philippians, Moroccan, South African, British, American, Mexican, Peruvian, Japenese, Korean, Malaysian and 'all the countries of the world' hair. I cannot and will not put another woman's hair on my head. No! Thank you. At first i didn't understand why the hair were called their names till i read an article about a celebrity in U.K saying she was never going to wear the hair because she had seen how the hair are being sourced. I was in total shock when i realized it was actually someone's hair. There is no way i want to fix that. It is because of that i really want to treat and pamper my hair to make sure it grows to a length that i would never have to fix anybody's hair. Besides the cost of those things are outrageous! And the things a lot of young girls do just to buy it is alarming.

Anyway here are some pictures of the hair (i truly hate the way it shines but hey, what can i do?). Enjoy.....

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Luv ya,
Petite Diva

P.S: Check out the other posts for the decorations and football match...


  1. Same here...I can't use a weave twice. Loovvee the weave on,its gr8 on you chic.


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