Saturday, December 21, 2013


Someone told me that the decorations at Itam Junction was nice so i decided to check it out. It is nice but on Wednesday i happened to have passed the roundabout at Nwaniba road near the new pedestrian bridge (i actually think that would be Akwa Ibom's first Pedestrian bridge, no offence here but now they won't let us hear word now they have the bridge) and the decoration there was amaze balls! Unfortunately i couldn't take shots because i had to go to church.

Anyways, the decoration at Itam Junction is not bad and in the night it is quite lovely. The area is now a Centre  for Photo taking. People troop there to take pictures and photographers make their money, i even saw some people selling toys. Anything to make money in a legit way.

I would have taken more pictures but my camera died on me. Hope you enjoy the few ones i took....

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