Saturday, December 7, 2013


So in my recently conducted giveaway (my first ever) only 3 people participated, 1 male and 2 females. Definitely that means that the only male reader that answered the question would get the prize for the male category and the prize for the female would be given to either of the 2 female readers that participated.

But as i was thinking of how i would conduct the raffle draw for just 2 readers, a crazy idea came to me. Why not give both female readers the prize? I know right, i am crazy uhn. But this is the season of giving and i feel that i should reward the 2 readers who actually knew the answers and actually took the time to write the answers in the comment section. So yes, in true diva style i would be giving the 3 readers who answered my questions the gifts that were stated.

So SESAN, AMAKA and PEACE, you are the winners of my very first giveaway. CONGRATULATIONS!! Whoop! Whoop!!. Please do send a mail to with your full names, address (including your state) and phone numbers so that when i am sending your gifts i can fill out the information that is needed.

Well, folks that is the end to my first giveaway. I am thinking of having giving out a pair of shoes that i can't wear. It is not new, i have worn it once but i could barely walk in them. I had instant knee aches just walking around in them for about 2 hours and they are a little bit big. I have tried looking for someone to give to but apparently i am the only one among my group that has 'Cinderella' feet. Oh well, i would put up some pictures soon and put up the rules for that giveaway. Oh! The shoe is from ASOS and i paid 7000 naira for it. And i couldn't wear it for more than 2 hours *wailing*

I have to run. Again, congrats to Sesan, Amaka and Peace. I would be expecting your mails soon.

Thanks for stopping by.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva


  1. Yay! Congratulations Amaka!!! I hope you are feeling better too *hugs

    1. Am better my dear, just my arm and butt from the injections

  2. Whoop! whoop!! I won!!!!!!!!!!! Yippie! Yaga! Abeg lemme display small craze here

  3. So happy I won *dancing*...tanx dear.


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