Thursday, December 26, 2013


So when i was growing up it was said that boxing day was the day we get to open our presents. However i doubt we ever followed that tradition in my house. The wrapping paper of presents were ripped apart early christmas morning.

Anyway i just wanted to show you guys what i got for myself this christmas while shopping for gifts for a friend. Prepare to be filled with extreme levels of envy.....

Don't be jealous It is a 4 in 1 game set containing chess, snakes and ladders, ludo and playing cards. I can only play 3 of the games, i don't know how to play chess but i intended to google how to and teach myself.

I decided to buy board games and get interested in them cos it dawned on me that i absolutely can't play any outdoor sport. I need to learn how to play board games/indoor sports since i can't play outdoor sports. Hopefully i would be determined considering i hate games *coveringmyeyes*.

That is all for now folks. Thanks for stopping by and i hope you enjoyed your holidays. It is back to work tomorrow and back to serious reading for me.

Have a lovely weekend.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva....


  1. Madame, hw naa? Reading ke, exam is still Nov naa. Ur gift is indeed nice. Don't knw hw to play games(outdoor nor indoor) buh enjoy watching.. I guess u knw who dis is... Tongue out!

    1. Bukie, I have to o. Some days you are too tired to open your books so i have to read small, small so that i can pass o..

  2. D diva herself, dis isn't Bukky oooo. I think u have to guess beta.. Tongue out!!!!

    1. Ah! Wahala dey o.....I no know but i am going to think about it. CIA mode activated..hmmm? Who says tongue out?


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