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 Hey guys, i just came across this post on Uje's blog and i just had to repost it. It reminded me of the fact that i said i would like to have a feature post once in a while. Her post on strive to be a plus+ validates the point i made saying that everyone is meant to be a blessing to someone. I really hope you enjoy the post....

Check out her blog on There are so many more inspiring articles....

Hello fam! I know y'all are doing good today..and your week's been the best so far...I can say the same for mine couldn't have been better!!

  Strive to be a plus...yeah people!...told myself I was going to write on this cos its been reiterating itself in my head for some weeks now....I love to be around people who are able to motivate me, encourage me, make me smile even in very terrible situations, people who tell me there's hope in hopeless situations through their words and actions, people who accept me at my worst, they give me a pull when I go too far and push me as much as possible to where my shy self wouldn't go..and most importantly people who strengthen my relationship with God...these people are BLESSINGS to me. I have less than a handful of such people in my life, and I cherish them so much.. now the point is, how many other people can say the same about ME???

  We are all great people with potentials that God has blessed with bountiful skills/knowledge and wisdom. No one is USELESS to the extent of not being able to have a single good deed coming from him/her.. NOBODY! But do we let these wonderful things just be within us for our use only and probably for a pay? How often do we lend a helping hand by word of many times do we use those free things within us (not the monetary aspect right now) to change an individual's life for the better. Heard someone say; 'I'm an introvert, I can't possibly do social work!'! no!

 U don't have to be all outgoing to be a starts from your circle of friends, what do they know you for? Is it just to sit and gossip the whole time you get to hang out, or talk about the latest trend in fashion, play football games for hours on end, or be involved in unproductive speculations? It shouldn't be! There should be a clear distinction between the time for leisure and the time to be productive...this could be done by BRAINSTORMING: here, ideas are gathered to find a solution to a problem. When this is done, as an individual or group, you are not only searching for a way out to a problem that may be affecting some people or a society, but you are also training your mind, and that of your friend(s) to become more creative, to channel his/her time into the pursuit of activities that are gainful. Now when that friend becomes all so creative with his/her have succeeded in becoming a PLUS!

Another great way to add to the lives of people you meet is by being PRINCIPLED; you stand for what is morally right, and live your life according to a given set of rules. This way u can influence people to desist from those things that are evil, and continue on the right path. A lot of times, we think we are unnoticed, maybe because we associate with a few people or have few or no friends at all..but the truth is our lifestyles PREACH a lot! Many people out there look up to you as a role model, which you may not be aware of, some try to follow your footsteps because they are interested in becoming the YOU they have seen you can imagine how disappointing it would be that you are not consistent with what u say, act and do?...because such people follow your every move..but when they get to emulate your attitude and are a PLUS!!

Aside the above, you can be an addition into someone's life by the WORDS you speak to them...I'll elaborate on this in another post...

P.S: The memory of the JUST is BLESSED! (Psalm 10:7)

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