Sunday, December 1, 2013


Welcome to the month of December folks. Yay! We made it. God has been faithful to all of us. I love December. The month of miracles, month of marking the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, month of giving and sharing, the month of plenty rice and stew (ask me how many plates i usually eat, see me saying plenty rice and, month of Father Christmas and plenty Christmas movies too

It is used to be the month when i used to eat plenty cotton candy and make a request on NTA channel 10. Now instead of getting on different rides and eating cotton candy, i am now stuck working Christmas days calls. Growing up my mum always made sure she took my brother and i and also my neighbour's kids to Apapa amusement park around Christmas time. We would enter lots of rides (at least the ones that that our heights and ages could allow us to enter), sometimes because some rides were restricted to us we would enter the ones we could twice. I just remembered, i still need to drive those bumper cars! When i finally could ride them, the management of the park decided to forget their managerial skills and let the park shut down......*angryface*. If i catch them ehen!

I miss cotton candy. After almost 8 or 10 years i saw cotton candy in South Africa and you should see the way i said "cotton candy!", my face lit up and i am sure that my friend must have wondered what was wrong with me. I felt like i was eating the clouds,hmmmm heavenly. Oh no! i now want another cotton candy...*wailing*
Oh sweet cotton candy, How i wish i had bought 20 of you then?
I also remember going for UBA christmas parties. My uncle worked in UBA at that time and was not married so he would take my brother and i. I think they hosted great parties then. Wonder if they are still doing the parties now? Everything is so different now. I also remember going for NTA Channel 7 (i know, i was on television a lot as a kid. Even played the recorder on a children program on NTA Channel 10, those studios are hot!!) parties too. My aunt worked there at that time. I remember carrying my cousin to see Father Christmas aka Santa Claus and she screamed her little head off. We had to run out of the grotto. I had no clue how to handle her. I just grabbed our gifts and ran to my aunty.

I also remember waking up very early on Christmas morning and not going out of my room until my mum came to wake us up. We were afraid we would run into Santa Claus and he would not give us our presents so we waited till the coast was clear. We didn't have a tree then but my mum would put our presents near the wall near the T.V and you should see the speed with which we would run to our presents and open them. Great times......

How can i forget visiting the Grotto's and getting gifts that i thought rocked then but now....*lipssealed* It is all good though, i am grateful that i have these memories. I may not have had the memory of traveling out of Nigeria to see a white Santa Claus or see snow(but now that i think about it i doubt i want to go anywhere when there is snow, South African winter that had no snow was horrible imagine a winter with snow, no thank you i would pass) but i am glad that i still had fun.

So guys what childhood memories do you have of December/Christmas? Remember those times and feel like kids again.

Thanks for stopping by. I wish you a December filled with loads of miracles and blessings. Have a lovely new week and month.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva.

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  1. Everytime ℓ̊ think about it....ℓ̊t still feels like yesterday....though in the distance past but very fresh like ♍ơяñΐϞǥ dews. Have u ever worn a newly sown native (up Nepa) for xmas...? Can u remember ow it feels? Do u really sleep through the night? Does it occur to you that such nights through the dawn feels like a seconds α̲̅πϑ a long range walk through the uneasy desert? Can u remember u dreamt of the newly sown clothe?......hoooops....this were exactly my experiences wrapped in a pack of questions.
    Travelling to my grannies place for xmas feels like visiting the Lord Himself (smiles)...a week to the date is almost the best moment of my childhood (cos the thought of going a distance to Ile-Ife to see both grandpa α̲̅πϑ second to known.... α̲̅πϑ here comes the best moment....playing under the mango tree....been seen as the kids of the wealthy papa (by the rural guys...winks)...)
    ℓ̊ remember the pounded yam....chickens...visitation to the popular old OAU was indeed fun...its a moment that lasts but a moment in the past. Though , motion sickness never stop hunting throughout the trip down to ile-ife but it lacked the impetus to stopped mε from travelling.
    It was was indeed fun. Thank u for the space to voyage in the seas of the past.


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