Wednesday, December 18, 2013


From a venting mode yesterday to a supernatural high today, whoop! Whoop!! Just came back from church and the message was on ‘Engaging confidence to triumphant living’. I remembered who I am and I am ready for anything now including annoying keke drivers.

On the way to work today in a keke, we noticed people gathering a car that has been in an accident and I didn’t really see the car but I knew it was a hyundai. Anyways it seems the car was taken to a mechanic for body work and from what the men in the Keke said, they were confident it was the mechanic that was driving the car. Apparently some (or most like they said) mechanics like to pose with people’s car in the night. They would take the car and go flexing (enjoying). Unfortunately this story doesn’t have a good ending, not only was the car totally bashed, I learnt later in the day that the mechanic and the lady in the passenger seat (the guys were right about mechanic taking out girls in people’s car) died and are in the hospital’s mortuary. Such a sad story but it just reminded me why God has not given me a car yet. I can’t imagine it being my car.. After saving to buy it then one mechanic would wreck it and the worst part he died too. Something go happen o!

Guess what? The doctors are on strike! Yep! Again! After 2 months of sitting at home doing nothing, they decided to go on strike again. Anybody out there thinks they remind you of spoilt brats! They remind me of children that are jealous of each other and want to be answered at all costs. Babies cry when they need something or are not given what they want; Doctors in Nigeria go on strike when others are advancing in their careers or they don't get more money. They deserve to be flogged! I have 2 questions to non medics who read my blog: 1. Who do you think is more qualified to run a laboratory, a medical lab scientist who has spent 5 years and 1 internship training or a doctor? 2. If another member of the healthcare team is called a consultant based on the definition of consultant in which it means and I quote from Encarta dictionary ‘an expert who charges a fee for providing advice or services in a particular field’, would it kill the patient?

I have about had it with this set of professionals! And if anybody doesn’t like what I write, you have 2 options: 1. Get a GPS or map and locate where you are on the map then locate the fastest route to the nearest river or ocean, then reach the banks of the river or ocean then drown YOURSELF! Or 2. Buy a good rope, google how to secure a knot, then tie the rope to a ceiling fan then hang yourself! I have a church mind that is why i didn't suggest some worse things! I have never seen!! My goodness!! I know it shouldn’t concern me so much about the decay that the doctors are causing to the healthcare system as I know I would soon leave it but it would be unfair of me not to be bothered for my colleagues who I would leave behind. 

I have read what some of them say and I begin to wonder if it is actually doctors that are speaking or illiterates. I noticed I have lost all confidence in many doctors in Nigeria now, I see a prescription or hear them speak on a particular issue and all I can think of is ‘how much have they gotten to prescribe this or say that’. And it saddens me; this is not what I grew up to know. May God save them because with the way things are being spoken into their lives it is only God that can redeem them and I am positive I am going to be attacked soon and I don’t care. Attack me all you want but I am not interested! And none of you should give me any reason for your numerous strikes, majority of you deserve to be stripped of the M.B.B.S you have! I said the last time they went on strike that before the end of the year that they would have another strike, did I call it or what? Now I say this, their time is almost up! Things would begin to happen soon and when they look to others for help, it won’t be forthcoming. Mark my words, you all would say I told it like it is. 

Then who told people that I would like to listen to Christmas hymns with effizy (drama)? I just listened to a lady sing ‘joy to the world and Noel’ with dramatic effects and I was totally not impressed! She probably has a nice voice but she ruined the songs for me. I want old fashioned carol singers’ Christmas hymns not effizified Christmas hymns o jare….lol

I had to fix a weave earlier than I planned because apparently harmattan is here and harmattan is cold/dry air. Cold/dry air = dry hair = serious breakage = retarded growth and the hair stylist billed me more than usually because Christmas is in the air. Funny I know in US and other countries, people usually have sales during the Christmas season, in Nigeria everything goes up. Balogun market would be a sorry state now. Warning! If you are pregnant don’t go to Balogun/Lagos Island market now. You could faint!! The crowd would be crazy and the prices outrageous.

Shippyme is looking for my trouble o. I was supposed to have received 2 packages yesterday, when I didn’t see anything I sent them a mail and you should read the mail they sent me. Something about airline saying they saw my packages and people on the ground not seeing it. Some hours after their reply they told me that my packages were on its way. So if I didn’t send the mail, my packages would have been lost in mid air. You see how they are looking for my trouble o. If I write another nasty review (which would be the truth) the CEO or whoever he is would say I want to put people out of their jobs. Hopefully this would be the last time I would have to use them, next time I need things by God’s Grace I would be physically making the purchase.

I see that my blog has been viewed over 13000 times, while I am grateful for all the views I am also sad. There are some adverts that are around my blog  and it can only be seen when you use a tablet, a laptop or desktop to view. And you need to click it for me to make money. I had spoken about it before. If 70% of people who viewed the blog 13000 times had clicked twice (don’t overdo it o or I get banned) at least I am sure I would have plenty money to buy my internet data which to me is all I need now cos buying data every 7 days is not easy for me considering I don’t have a steady source of second income. I know my readers are amazing guys so I expect to see some clicks per view….so click, click, click and help this gal run this blog smoothly….Thanks a lot *muah*

Okay, I think have rambled enough. I think I need to go. Thanks for checking out my blogs guys.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva

P.S: If I smell (not only see o), smell any nasty comment I would instantly delete it!


  1. LOL @ "Get a GPS or map and locate where you are on the map then locate the fastest route to the nearest river or ocean, then reach the banks of the river or ocean then drown YOURSELF!" Also, will we see any pics of your new hair? I know you like taking pictures now that you have a new camera. :)

    1. I haven't taken any pics of my hair yet but i would try to take some tomorrow...

  2. hmm..nice thoughts! Can't say I don't feel your thoughts on the strike issue. I could say doctors might have lost any public sympathy, because it's almost always about money somehow. I'm waiting for the day we'd go on strike to protest terrible working conditions, lack of skilled training and poor patient care. For once the people need to see we are on their side. It's an unfortunate development. Let me stop her now. Takia oh!

    1. Finally A M.B.B.S holder who is thinking clearly. When you guys start fighting for the right things, Nigerians would join you. As for now, all your strikes are for money and power fueled by greed!

    2. Ah..maybe I'm being selfish or shortsighted oh, but I'm in training. If the strikes disrupt my training, it doesn't benefit me na. And those guys just order strikes and we just obey. Don't get me wrong oh, a workman deserves his pay, so like the house officers going on strike for their pay, I was in support of that. It's unfortunate we have to resort to strikes! Anyhow God save us all!

    3. Or maybe you are the type of doctor that truly wanted to be a doctor because you love the profession and understand the meaning of service to humanity. Then again as my classmate, you have no choice than to be different else i would punch Like you said, God help us all.

  3. LOL @ 'effizy christmas hymns'..this doctors strike thingy is just tiring to evry1..*sigh*

    I enjoyed reading ur ramblings

    1. Glad you agree, so that the doctors don't think i am attacking them too much. Thanks for leaving a comment. I would be sure to check out your blog.


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