Thursday, December 12, 2013


When good news is said during the announcement in the winners’ chapel branch that I go to sometimes, the congregation usually claps. I don’t know why they do so but this good news actually great news that  I am about to share with you guys deserves a mighty clap unto the Lord.
Thank God for his mercies, the relative of my friend who was missing has been found. Hallelujah! After almost 2 weeks, the whereabouts of the relative has been disclosed and I think he has been seen.

I really can’t fully disclose what happened but the moral of this story is  to watch the type of friends you keep. That is all I can say. Hopefully everything would be resolved. I am just happy that the relative is alive and well. I wouldn’t wish the trauma of the past few weeks that my friend and her family have experienced on anybody even my worst enemy.

So i have a question for you guys, ‘to have a live in house help or not to have a live in house help?’. Personally I am against a live in house help. My mother never had one and my aunty never had one and those are the people that I look up to in terms of running a home. My mum and aunty had help but they were just not live in. I think I prefer someone coming in the early hours of the morning and leaving in the late evening. No sleep overs, thank you. 

The stories I have heard has put me off and now a friend of mine who just found a live-in house help recently is already having problems with the help. I really think I would pass on the live ins.

That is all for today folks. Thanks guys for checking my blog and thanks for all the encouragement you gave me when I earlier posted about my friend’s missing relative. 

Luv ya,                                    
Petite Diva…..


  1. I prefer someone who will come say 2 times a week, when am around oh! Because I have natural distrust for everybody I meet.

    1. 2 times a week? You might not be able to cope if you have a newborn baby or children with just someone coming 2 times a week.

    2. Am not sure I want help self! My mum is one of the strongest women I know even though we fight always; as a kid, there were no hired hands, and trust me I was the laziest brat you could think of then and very stubborn but mum will wake by 4, prepare breakfast and lunch and put in the cooler, and by 7, dinner was always ready; it was when I was 7 a cousin came to stay with us oh!

  2. What my mum did when we were young was to get them young and train them. But just as above, there is the problem of having to teach them practically EVERYTHING... Like not to put tangerines in the freezer :-)

    @ Didi

    1. I think that is what most people are doing now, however i don't think i still want a live in house help young or old.


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