Sunday, December 8, 2013


Hey guys, in my last post i said i wanted to give away a pair of shoe that i had bought and couldn't wear. After i put up the post about not been able to find anybody that can wear the shoes, i found someone who the shoes would be perfect for. So i have decided to give it to that person. Which lifts a minor burden for me because i was wondering how i would conduct the giveaway. Sorry guys.

Do you guys wanna see the shoe? Well, here are some pictures. Enjoy

See how high the shoe is.....
It is Christmas season again and Uyo has started looking great. I remember coming back from the cinemas last year at night and marveling at the beauty of all the lights. I wished i had a camera to take pictures. Fast forward 365 days later, i am alive and well and guess what? i have a 16megapixel camera. Whot! Whot!! So i would be going out to different spots in uyo in the late evening to bring to you guys the beautiful sights of Uyo. I hope i don't suck at taking the pictures.

Here are pictures of how some of the decorations placed near my church during the daytime looks.

That is all folks for today. I hope you enjoyed today's posts.

Thanks for stopping by.
Luv ya,
Petite Diva.


  1. Whoop whoop!!!!!!! Uyo is beautiful, my brother showed me pictures too.
    God bless you diva! Am grateful

  2. *screaming* when did you announce shoes give away ooooo? Mo gbe! The shoes are beautiful *sigh* Congrats to you A especially because I don't put on high heels! My knees begin to take it personal :( ... Wear it well and in health *cheers*

    Uyo!!!!! Diva, next year I should try to visit! (Prayer point) Loool

    1. Hahaha, pele o. I wear high heels but this one was not meant to be mine. The best thing was to give it away. It has been occupying space on my shoe rack for over a year. I am joining you in that prayer


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