Thursday, August 21, 2014


Hey guys, welcome to the diva show. I am your host, Petttttiiiittttteeeee Diiiiivvvvaaaaaa. How is your day going? Have you done anything fun? Did you miss me yesterday? I was unable to write day before yesterday because I was doing something important…..WATCHING MOVIES….*smilingsheepishly* I couldn't post anything yesterday because airtel decided to go on holiday. There was no internet signal.....#angrymodeactivated.

On wednesday, during work hours I finished selling off the hand sanitizers I had….Whoop! Whoop!! I can’t still believe it…It is God o. Because I remember seeing the sanitizers when it was sent to me and thinking of how I would sell it and now it is alllllll gone. I even have people on the waiting list for the next batch that the price has now increased (apparently 3 days after I was sent the other batch the price was increased). I am not making a lot of profit because I am a business woman with a huge conscience (even the profit that I am making is making me uncomfortable).

However the profit on the first batch was enough to pay for internet data on my phone and modem that should last for 15 days. So am I happy? Heck yes! At least I can use the money that I would have spent on data for something else. Hopefully I would be able to sell the next batch in record time.

So after work on wednesday was church where someone almost annoyed me but I decided I was not going to let the devil use him to spoil my day. I came home wet because rain was falling. Honestly I am seriously tired of this Akwa Ibom rain. Won’t it stop? Arggggghhhhhh. So after the soaking all I wanted to do was wear a pyjama, eat my food, drink my coke and watch movies that I got from an intern earlier in the day.

I watched (actually re-watched) ‘The backup plan’ (Jennifer Lopez and the cheese guy….lovely) and Tyler Perry’s ‘I can do bad all by myself’. Can I say this…..the guy that acted Sandino was cute! I think I know him from another movie (not sure though). I liked the sermon that was preached in the movie, it was about the parable of the woman that lost her coin and searched for it. The preacher made me realize that sometimes good people get lost in the troubles of the world but that doesn’t mean they have lost their value. They do, it is just that they have forgotten to how to use what has been instilled in them. Makes you realize that there is a potential good in every man and sometimes the good is not showing because the person is lost. It is now our job to make them realize that they are lost and help them find their way back. You all seriously need to check it out. Madea is also there with some of her craziness. I think it is an old movie though, I am not sure if I have fully watched it before but I think I remembered some scenes (which is why I said that I re-watched it).

A couple of weeks ago or middle of July I read an article that quoted Zoe Saldana saying she doesn’t talk to/ stay in touch with her exes. And I thought that was a bit harsh. I talk to my exes whenever they holla at me but lately I began to think that maybe she was on to something. I had been feeling a bit funny, I don’t know how to describe it. But I was thinking that maybe I shouldn’t have my exes on my social media pages because I didn’t really want them knowing about my life and I was not interested in knowing about their lives. However I thought I was being silly so I didn’t do anything about it.

However yesterday I saw one of my ex and though we chatted (there was mutual friend also there, Thank God) I felt weird. Hey! Stop it! It was not any lovey dovey feeling at alllllll!! And it was not any feeling of hate or hurt either. Actually it was a feeling of regret. You see I never regret my relationships, each one has taught me a great lesson and has helped make me who I am today but I regret some of my actions in the relationship. All I could think was HOW STUPID WAS I. I thought of some of the way I acted and how I was a bit too reliant on him at a point and some of my very wrong actions and I was mad at myself. I literally want to forget all about it. So right now I am thinking ‘could Zoe be right’? Is there any benefit to still staying in touch with your ex?

I really don’t know right now. So I ask you guys, what do you think? It is okay to talk to the when you happen to run into them but I am thinking that maybe associating more than that might not be so good. I think maybe when we meet again I would see if I still feel that way.

That is all for now guys. I have to say thank you to you guys. On Tuesday I viewed my stats and I saw that my blog was viewed 403 times and I almost went crazy. Like What?!! This tiny blog of mine has never gotten so many views in one day. I am so grateful guys. Thanks to Pat who said she liked my blog and I am such a joy. I was blushing when I read the comment. Thanks a lot to you guys that read and drop a comment and thanks to the guys that check up on this blog every day.

Okay enough writing for one day. I am going back to my movies. I just finished watching Red 2 (whoop! Whoop!!) and now I want to watch Street dance 2…What?!! *handsupintheair*It is not my fault. It is raining again and if I try to read I would just sleep off because it is cold (just look at my excuse, I pity for myself).

Thanks for stopping by…

Luv ya,
Petite Diva…


  1. I watch a lot more tv shows than I watch movies.its rare for me to watch a complete movie,either I start from the middle or just watch part of d beginning.
    I think it depends on the ex. Some of them leave me with that feeling of ewwww! I can't believe I ever dated that.
    Those ones I don't keep in touch with.
    Some of them fucked up so bad.
    Those ones too I don't keep in touch with.
    But the Awesome one who I can't believe got away, we keep in touch,his brothers still call on my birthday and stuff like that.
    In summary, it all depends.

  2. i am totally with zoe on that one, i have nothing against my ex but i leave in the past where they belong. if i happen to run into them apart from hey it ends there for me lol. i dont need to know what you have been up too they are called ex for a reason lol

    1. I know for some, i am all for that but i am beginning to think that it depends on so many things.

  3. Hey mami......I actually don't see anything wrong in keeping in touch....In my case everyone is either sooooo very far away or married and just disappeared...hehe....soo...anyhoo...hows you?

    1. Lucky you. I even had a married one still trying to hook up with me and i ran. I am not interested in that so i kinda of cut him off after that. I am good Ernie...

  4. Hmmm the ex issue. I think it's ok to keep in touch if it's brief and light and not too often especially since they were nice guys.
    However I don't need to see their daily posts cos it's only human to ponder a little longer on the meaning of something they said.
    No good can come of regret or nostalgia.

    1. I agree with you. No need to bring up anything. The past is the past...

  5. It depends on how you guys ended it and also you as an individual. If you really loved the guy and you ended it, there's a huge chance you heart would still feel something special for him. I still talk to all my time to keep going back to the past jor.


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