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Hey guys, before I start this post I just want to say a BIIIIIIGGGGG congratulations to Deborah Poh aka Doffy of whatdoffydoes.com. She got engaged this month…Woot! Whoop!! Whoop!!! There is going to be a wedding….*dancing* I wish you a blissful and blessed marriage. I pray you enjoy your marriage girl.  Here is a big congratulatory hug….. I like happy endings to a love story….*smilingsheeplishly* You all need to check out her blog, the girl has got some serious sense of style NO JOKE!! 

So yesterday the message of the daily devotional (I use ODM) was centered on Samson and Delilah (Judges 16:1-21). Dr Chris was focusing on the part of Samson opening his mouth to reveal the secrets of his hair. He was concentrating on the fact that it is wise to be slow to react/talk and that we should try to listen more.

That is all good but all I could think about was the stupidity of Samson. SERIOUSLY!!! Guys, have you read the story before (if you have not, please go to your bibles now and read). Honestly Delilah asked Samson FOUR TIMES for the secret to his power and every time REAL SOLDIERS not toy ones with REAL WEAPONS came to him and the guy didn’t have the brains to see that the lady was out to get him.

Honestly the first time I actually wondered what kind of stupid (God forgive me, he was a great judge) spirit entered Samson was when I was listening to a tape of a Pastor who was saying that Love sometimes is more than a good feeling. It has to be right and you need to think clearly. It got me thinking, what hold did Delilah have on Samson? Honestly a man who tore open the jaws of a lion just succumbed to a woman.

I am still trying to decide whether it is the power of a blind love or the power of a woman. I noticed that earlier in judges when he told a riddle to the philistines and they couldn’t come up with the answer they sent a woman also to get the answer from him. I am realizing that the statements ‘women run the world’ and ‘women are powerful’ might just be true.

Imagine all the commotions we caused in biblical times, Eve with Adam, Sarah pushing Abraham to sleep with her maid and giving birth to Ishmael (leading to the problem of Israel and Palestine), Rebekah causing Jacob to steal his brother’s blessings, Delilah and Samson and the list goes on and on. But also women also did some major courageous things: The prostitute Rahab hiding the spies and saving her family, Ruth, Queen Esther (I love her), Virgin Mary and the list goes on and on.

I guess it is safe to say that women have the ability to build up and also tear up, we just have to know how to use our ‘powers’. I think if we all decide to use our powers for good the world might just get a whole lot better. So ladies out there you are superheroes so can we use our powers for good just for a while….*smiling* Yeah? Anybody with me on that.... #riaseyahands

That said I still want to know the magic or powers that Delilah had to get powerful Samson forget himself like that. I MEAN SHE DID IT FOUR TIMES! For real they tried to kill you the first time, you didn’t shake, did it the 2nd time you still put your head on her laps, wow! I need that skill or magic or whatever she had. Darn! Do you know what I would do with it? *rubbingmyhandstogether* I would do some serious damage…hehehe. Just kidding, just kidding, so don’t throw your shoes at me yet....lol. But it would be nice to use in a marriage, to know that no matter the nonsense you do your husband would always come back to you….*sigh* Since she is dead for like a million years I guess we would never know uhn? Drat!!.....lol

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. I am writing this earlier than I normally do because I have noticed that I have been sleeping late lately. Like yesterday/this morning I slept around 3am or so because I was on my computer till around 1 am then I could not sleep till 3am. And I had to get to work before 9am, I can cope like this. I need to arrange my life and be in dream world by 12 midnight at the latest! I hope I am able to organize my schedule.

Thanks for stopping by guys.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva

P.S: One of the people I nominated for the sunshine blogger awards has accepted the award and responded to my questions. Please check out Bee's (of glamlushhair.blogspot.com) answers. She needs an AVENGER movie education, she has never watched avengers or even know them…*shock* But she likes the uniform of the Navy….Whoop! Whoop!! Please do check out her blog…Thanks


  1. You are so sweet-- thanks so much for your very sweet congratulations on both my blog and this very lovely post! You are really making me smile right now :D

    Haha that's such a good Bible story, I like how you interpreted it to show how women are often underestimated in regard to how much influence we can have on the world and on others, especially the men in our lives! I really like being reminded that every action we make can make a huge impact on others and we must always try to use them for good, not for bad!

    I hope you can sleep more and earlier girl, I too have been having trouble sleeping early because my jet lag is still here and I can only sleep after maybe 2 am...

    Hope you have a wonderful week!

    xx Debbie


    1. You are welcome. I hope you get over your jet lag and start sleeping early.

  2. Wow! Sooo much knowledge mami.....I agree tho...we women have got lotsssssss of power....hmmm....

  3. *singing*
    Who runs the world? Girls.
    We run every darn thing men. And whoever doesn't believe it should try a woman and see. I remember that during Deborah's time, Jael(another woman) was the one who lured Sisera inside and killed him by hitting a nail into his head. Thereby saving Israel.
    *singing*Who runs this mother f...ing world? Girls!

    1. That is true. I can't remember what bible passage that is in. Girls really run the world.

  4. Delilah must have been a very hot woman...cos nothing else can explain how Samson became her mugu. Must have been so cute and annoying watching them. I just know I need to make heaven. There are so many questions I've got to ask. That day would be funny sha.. I'll keep my plan to myself until that day. Thanks for the break down... You have brain faaaaa. Beauty with brains

    1. Birthday giiiirrrrllll. How was your day? What are you up to o? What plan are you cooking up? Awwww, thank you o. I am blushing....*smiling*

  5. Oh i see. I had no idea about this as I'm a Hindu and haven't read the bible


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