Sunday, August 10, 2014


Apparently after Ramadan most Arab guys (the super rish and wealthy ones) like to troop to United Kingdom and France to run away from the heat of their country. Not that i blame them, after experiencing the heat of Dubai i can understand.

However they don't travel alone, they come with their playthings. For lovers of cars, this post would excite you but in my opinion it is a total show off of wealth. Most of them don't have taste! Some of the cars look like lego cars or foil papers. Yuck! And they are so expensive, that is the weird part. Okay enough of talking and more of pictures, do enjoy.

Eye-catching: Tourists stop and stare at a powerful-looking Kuwaiti-owned X-Bow convertible super car parked along with ordinary vehicles by the side of a sea-front road

Sparkling: A young boy admires a shiny silver Porsche 911 GT2 complete with eye-catching red alloys. It is one of many luxury vehicles delivered to Cannes from Kuwait
Two Kwaiti-registered Lamborghinis in white and blue are parked up in front of an orange McLaren next to a restaurant in upmarket Cannes
A man drives his large blue convertible down a seafront road in Cannes while walkers stop and stare at the vehicle 
A large white Bentley with tinted windows is parked up on a street in Cannes, France.  A similar influx of cars has been reported in parts of London
This heavily-modified gold Range Rover - estimated to be worth more than £150,000 - has attracted attention after its owner parked it outside the Wellesley hotel
A gold and black Saudi-owned Bugatti Veyron - which can sell for up to £1million - was parked in a street in Kensington yesterday, causing many to stop and take photos
This £50,000-plus Ferrari 456 Italia has been given a spider wrap by its Qatari owner, who was keen to show it off on the streets of central London yesterday
The cars owners compete with each other to see who can carry out the most outlandish modifications, with this £150,000 Maserati Gran Turismo given a silver bonnet
A £400,000 six-wheeled Mercedes G63 AMG, similar to one which featured on Top Gear, is among the most outrageous to have been shipped across
Glamorous: Sightings of luxury supercars, owned by mega-rich Arab famililes, have become common place in Cannes in France

A Saudi-registered Pagani Huayra, which has a starting price of around £1million, was spotted parked next to an expensive hotel in the area
This has a starting price of 1 million pounds
This customised red Ferrari, complete with blacked out windows, is among many supercars to have been delivered by rich Arabs to Cannes on the glamorous south coast of France
This customised red Ferrari, complete with blacked out windows, is among many supercars to have been delivered by rich Arabs to Cannes on the glamorous south coast of France
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And to think that some cost up to 1 million pounds (i don't want to convert that to naira). I hope they don't kill anyone with their speeding anyway. That is enough toy viewing for today. It is back to work tomorrow guys. Have a wonderful week ahead and remember to stay safe and germ free.

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  1. Hmnnn...but these cars are ugly o. Ki lo de. Money miss road o. Some people would definately like it because they know plenty things about machines..hian

    1. As in ehen, I was like what contraptions are these, then I saw how much they cost. I just started shaking my head. But you are right, some people would like it.

  2. Erhm hey mami......These cars tho'!....

  3. Replies
    1. You know car lovers by their words. The only one I fancy is the white Bentley ( I hope that is what it is called). I am not a car person at all.

  4. Wow! Such a cars! I would like to have a ride on the white Bentley! ♥

    1. Me too, that is the only one i would dare to be caught riding in.....

  5. Lol....pls tell mi if one is gottn for u,u wont collect...winkzzz

    1. Ehen! The only one i go collect and use na the bentley o. As for the others especially the gold foil SUV and the caterpillar looking car i would collect but sell it sharply and say they stole

  6. Lmao u suffering from


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