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Proud creators: Art historians Susie and Ken spent a year working on the miniature, using a team of specialists from Italy, France and Spain to recreate the French store
Growing up i always wanted a doll house (for my dolls) to play with but i never got one. So because of that i plan to buy one or more than one when i have girls for them and me too (i am going to play with it too *coveringmyeyes*) but there is no way i am getting this one even if i can afford it.

Like for real this dollhouse is crazy. I was just flipping through articles on and saw it. So before you read the last line of the post can you guess how much it cost?

Check the pictures out:

Couture: A dressmaker's dummy stands in an incredibly ornate fitting room
Cut-glass accent: The miniatures glassware which fills the house is made of real Venetian glass - and can be seen on the tiny table next to a normal-sized goblet

Showing: A model poses in elegant clothes from a high mattress
Ormanetal: A jumble of artefacts which make an artistic display
Detailed: Pictured above is an ornate table - complete with pictures frame, a vase of flowers, a brush and a perfume bottle

Showroom: A real hand shows the scale of the tiny, designer-label replica handbags
Designer bags
I am waiting for your comments. Maybe i won't reveal it until i see some guesses. Okay, Okay, let me tell you. It is said to cost 100, 000 pounds!!! Like for real!! This ain't a doll house anymore, it is someone's life savings. I guess this is the Lamborghini of all doll houses. Mehn! That is some real stuff. I would be so afraid to stand close to it. I can't afford for the miniature shelf to break.

So a new week starts tomorrow and  we thank God for his mercies. The doctors have finally called off their strike so things might get crazy for a while but it would settle after some days. However i don't know how they (doctors) are feeling as apparently their demands were not met and some of them feel betrayed by their older colleagues. Oh well, till tomorrow guys. Have a beautiful week.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva

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