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Part of the new u.k uniform....I DON'T LIKE!!!
So once upon a time i was in the girl guide (some call it girls scout), actually once upon a time i was in a lot of groups or organisations. Okay, let me take a deep breath and start listing them (don't judge me
Girls Guide,
Girls Brigade,
Navy Schoo Cadets/Cadet Band,
Y Youth of the St John's Anglican Church YWCA group

Hey, it doesn't seem that bad until you hear the stories. I would only share the story of how i became a girl guide and how i left after just one camp and one year. Grab a pop corn and read on.

So how did i come to know about Girls guide, boys scout and brownies? My younger brother was going to a boys scout camp and we went to drop him off at the camp site. When you have a younger brother that is less than 2 years in age difference you tend to do things together. So imagine me feeling very sad, the boys scout master at the gate said that i should not be sad, i should simply join next year (i think he even referred to my brother being my senior, a lot of people do so till this day as the boy is waaaayyyyy bigger than me).

Okay, the next year i was in Secondary school and luckily for me, at that time we still had a girls guide club so i joined. We were not as serious as my brother's boys scout in primary school but at least we went for camp that year. Camp was one week, my uniform was too big so i had to wear a brownie uniform given to me by a brownie (i had to wear something) and we had to use a canoe to cross a river to get to the camp site.

At that time, camp was horrible but fun. My brother was also there so i didn't feel alone. He had done the whole camp thing before so he knew the drill and helped me out and i took care of him as a big sister in other ways like food and making sure i knew where he was (boys can go crazy at times, i think i even cramped his moves at times, imagine me shouting i would tell mummy if he wants to try anything

We had to sleep on mats on concrete floors (the boys had to make their tents and sleep on the mats placed on the sand), we woke up very early to jog, we had a big bonfire with singing and dancing (no marshmallows, competitions, ate 'sorry asses' food, had cold water baths (then i was not too picky about my bath water temperature), had to deal with some serious sized annoying mosquitoes, entered a manually rowed canoe to go to and fro from the campsite, visited badagry and had FUN.

When we were through and got home, we slept from when we arrived that day (about 6pm) till the next morning. We were supposed to resume school the next day but after my mum saw how we slept she said we were not going The woman was scared. It was quite an experience.

Girls guide or girls scout is one organisation i think most girls should join when they are younger. It has a way of encouraging togetherness, faith in God, morality in girls and independence in girls.

Girls brigade is like the girls scout/guide. But is majorly church based, unlike the girls scout that it doesn't really have a restriction on the religion (as long as you believe in God) girl brigade is for Christians. My priest here in uyo called it (the boys and girls brigade) the 'soldiers of the church' (it is like a paramilitary arm of the church). My brother and i joined after the boys scout and girls guide clubs were no more functioning in our schools. I think we were just there for a year or so. We went for practise, paid for uniforms and tried to made sure we were ready for induction but the leaders were all too busy or not interested in it again at our church. Till today i don't know what happened to my uniform, i don't even know if it was made.

Like i said in Secondary school, i also joined the cadets but ran away after when we went for practise and my arm almost came off from carrying the wooden gun. However some of my friends continued it till we finished school. I think one of my regrets in life is not continuing it till my senior year. And also not being able to join red cross (honestly it seems that organisation seems to run away from me, i tried joining it in nysc camp i was told i couldn't as a chief pharm that i was needed more in the clinic...Drat!!) and also not being able to join a martial art club when i was younger (my brother was able to join Kung fu in University but i couldn't find it at the pharmacy school campus....*wailing*).

Anyways our uniform was blue with the yellow scarf which i thought it was cool. Only for me to see the new U.K uniform (apparently each country has different guide uniform, i didn't know that) which is weird to me. It has TOO MUCH RED in my opinion. Like it doesn't look like a girls guide uniform, it looks like a sport wear or like people have said 'Domino pizza uniform'. I don't like it. But they said it is supposed to be more feminine. I don't agree. The red has overpowered the blue that it is no more girls guidey.

Oh well, as long as the girls obtain the aims of being in girls guide i guess the uniform doesn't matter. If the values and the experiences remain the same then that should be what matters. But still the uniform should be cool too.

Was anyone in a club growing up? What was your experience like? And would you encourage your kids to join any club when they are young? I would love to hear from you.  Check out pictures of the various uniforms i was able to find, please enjoy it.

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This is how the Nigerian uniform looks like (this is a picture of the Ghanian Girls Guide)....

The New uniform for U.K .....

At least i remembered this salute.....hehehe

The most previous uniform that i like....

Nigeria's own looked more like this for the older guides...


Indian and Muslim guides....

New and the old......

I never got any badge or they were owing me a badge (not sure)....
That is all for today guys. Thanks for stopping by and always be prepared (is that the motto for boys scout or girls guide....I can't remember....hehehe)

Luv ya,
Petite Diva


  1. Hahaha....those badges tho...I remember time these girls came to our neighborhood in Victoria.....Jesus!!!...they forced us to by their cookies...hahaha.....Nice one mami...

    1. Hahaha, sorry about the forceful buying but it was for a wonderful cause. At least the girls made some cool cash from you guys....hahaha. Thanks a lot Ernie


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