Sunday, August 17, 2014


I am about to scare you guys like seriously. If you have children around please please send them away before you open this post.

I saw this post on Lindaikeji's blog.

A man who was  recognized in 2012 by the Guinness Book of Record as world's most pierced man with 435 piercings plus two horns on his forehead, an Information Technology, IT, worker was billed to make an appearance at a hotel in Dubai but on arriving the Emirate airport, he was not cleared by the immigration officers. Instead he was immediately whisked into an Istanbul flight en-route Germany.

A spokesman for the hotel where Buchholz was scheduled to appear said its management had failed “despite all its attempts” to win permission for him to enter the emirate
Airport officials gave no reason why he was refused entry into the emirate. Rudolf who vowed never to return to Dubai, left his luggage behind in Dubai.

Here is his picture:

To check out his tweets and so many hilarious comments made by people check here

I have just one question to ask: If you were the immigration officer what would be your first reaction? I am not going to lie at all, my first reaction would be to RUN!!!!! And i would do so before i remember that i have to come back. This is some scary shit mehn. And he wanted to enter Dubai of all places. There was no way they would have allowed him in.

How can someone be so unfair and cruel to his body? This is not right. I have piercings, i even want to pierce another hole on my earlobes and one on my nose but i am too scared of the pain and here is someone with 435 piercings. Naaaaa, this is too much. Some excessive things is going on here.

I gotta run. I am scared just looking at him.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva


  1. Thinks for preparing my mind, so when I saw this I wasn't scarred. But if I saw him in reality I will choke. Sometimes I just feel Guinness book of records just gives accolades to abnormal people, I was watching collection of all their winners and I was like forreals?

  2. Okay...I am all for piercing and tats...I mean I got a few....buh this?!?!?!?!?! HELL TO THE NO!.....this is just crazy....mehnnnnnn....naaa...I can't deal...this is sickening...

    1. It is really sickening and he was angry that Dubai turned him away. So sorry for his skin later..

  3. One word... CRAZY. You can't be normal and have this much piercings. No way...ewwwhhh

    1. But he feels he is normal o. And to think he is not a child but a grown up adult...smh

  4. Its even disgusting to look at.i wonder if he has a girlfriend.

  5. Did you say he has been sent to Istanbul? We need him here in Nigeria o, he might just be what we need to solve our problems with Boko Haram. I can just see him turning up in Sambezia forest to demand the release of the Chibok Girls.

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