Sunday, August 3, 2014


Hey guys, how ya doing? (in Wendy William's Hope your Sunday has been cool? As for me, i was up to some adventure tripping and spending stuff today.

I washed my hair today but since i basically did what i did last week which was a moisturising wash i won't be writing about that. If you want to know what is involved in my moisturising wash please check here.

So after church i decided to check the church bookshop stand and JUST window shop. I JUST wanted to browse through what they had and then plan to save to buy later. But that plan went out of the window when i saw these books....

The first time i saw the 'why men marry bitches' book (at the same stand) i was like WHAT?! Why are they selling such book at the church bookshop? Then i figured the book would be good despite the title because there is no way my priests would allow such in the church bookshop if it ain't good. So today when i saw it again, i knew it was God telling me to get it because i actually thought it would have been sold. 
One of the guys selling the book said i would enjoy it...Oh well, we shall see

Then i used to read Robert Kiyosaki's Rich dad poor dad books when i was in University (when my mum practically forced me and my brother to do so) and i got some mini business ideas from it. They were not major businesses but i made just enough for me to buy some excesses without waiting for my pocket money. But now that i am working i seem to have forgotten all the principles. My mum thinks so too that is why the woman has said (again and again) that i must read the first book of 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' again and she has been bombarding my phone with saving/financial tips. So seeing that i have been thinking a lot lately on how i can earn a second income without quitting my job and without having to work for anybody i grabbed 'Before you quit your job' by Robert Kiyosaki. 
The Back of the book (forgot to take the front view...Sorry)
Where did i get the money since the plan was to window shop? I was supposed to get some food items on my way back home so i had that money earmaked for the food items with me. I decided that i could cut some things out and quickly paid before i chickened out (see me cutting food out because of books *smh*). I don't know when i would read them because i am still struggling with my post graduate books but i am happy i have these books. I just realised i really buy books....*OMG!! I think i am a NERD!!!* But i am a fab Nerd....*dancing the electric slide*

I then stopped at an eatery called Kilimanjaro and decided to get some snacks because i was too tired to come back home and whip something immediately i got home (i might have collapsed before the food was ready).
Meat pie, Scotch egg and Salad with hot chocolate

Let me confess...I couldn't finish the meal, i had to eat it twice...*runningaway*

I decided to buy the salad as a healthy balance to the meal (i know that ain't exactly true as mayonnaise was used as the dressing). But since i am not on a diet it is a healthy item for me *noddingmyhead*. Instead of my usual coke i decided since it was cold to make hot chocolate with this chocolate malt drink powder (picture below) that i got in Dubai. I normally don't like adding sugar to my malt or chocolate beverages since most of them contain sugar already so i didn't do so with this one and it was BITTER!! Yikes!! But since i am on a semi healthy kick i decided to drink it like that.
Carrefour is just like Shop rite here in Nigeria or Tesco in the U.K

Opened it for the first time today....

I also made a hibiscus tea drink (The local name is Zobo) but i am not finished with that yet so no pictures. I am hoping to get pineapple and ginger tomorrow then i would tell you all about it. We are on a journey to healthy living people, both body and mind and

I know this post is weird but i am too lazy to write the original post that i planned to do so i decided to turn my simple activities today into adventures. Hey i am the director of my movie (God is the executive director and Producer) so why not make it an adventure....hehehe *Dancingtohappybypharrellinmyhead*

Thank you guys for stopping by. I wish you all a beautiful week ahead...

Luv ya,
Petite Diva


  1. I am so going to read that book, befor you quit your job. I think i need that

    1. Great!! I am glad i have inspired you to read the book.

  2. I've read the why men marry bitches book. I think every woman should get it..(Then follow it up with A woman's journey to self worth. Aswear you'd totally be change as soon as you're done. We should be exchanging books o..I have loads of them and I won't mind exchanging with you or having a book club sef..

    1. Really?! Now you are making me eager to read it. i might dump my medical books and read it instead....*lazygehlikeme

  3. I have read the book 'why men marry bitches' and it was a good read. you won't regret it i promise you that. i still buy books *okay ebooks* so don't worry about being a nerd. we are sexy nerds lool. thanks for stopping by my blog. hope you check it out often.

    1. Yay!! That is the 3rd recommendation, i made a good buy. I don't really like ebooks, i like something i can feel and keep under my pillow. Yep! we are sexy I would be sure to check your blog often. Thanks for stopping by


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