Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ogecha - Dumimaja (Hide Me) - Official Video

Ladies and Gentlemen, i present to you Ogecha.... I literally just had to share this video. The singer is a great friend of mine. I knew when she released the video but i have been unable to check out and today when i finally did i was blown away. We went to NNSS Ojo together and back then she was really creative too. She used to write stories and i used to beg to read her stories. When she had not written anything i would spur (more like disturb her) so she would continue. The day she said she could not find one of the books where she was writing the stories, that it was stolen i was mad at the thief that stole it.

I love the concept of the video (though as a video/film critic i saw a fault it was really tiny though so it couldn't take away the fact that the video is really nice) and her voice is amazing. It is a christian song and the video depicts how far a mother would go to ensure the safety of her child.“Dumimaja” means “Hide Me” in Igala Language.It basically shows how God would always protect us.

The video was shot in Capetown, South Africa and directed by Mark Hofmeyr. I really love the white Gown....Heavenly..

Oh, Her fabulous husband (yep! She is married) was in the video too. Can you guess who he was? Hint: Fading Scene *runsawaybeforeshegrabsme*

I am so proud of my girls, Navy girls rock. Congrats Girl, You are going places.

I really hope you can view the video and blogger does not mess up.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva

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