Friday, August 8, 2014


After i woke up to a message that said that having your bath with salt and hot water and also drinking salty water would help prevent Ebola, i knew something was wrong. People have no idea what is involved in Ebola virus infection. It made me realize that public health awareness on it was simply not enough. And though i don't usually like making this blog all about medicine or diseases as a public health pharmacist to be i have a duty to enlighten people. So i am planing on writing a series of posts on how to be germ free and how to prevent yourself and your family from not only contacting Ebola but other communicable disease.

Another thing that i realised was that this is the time the U.S surgeon general duties would be effective (not what the NMA are supposedly proposing). Anway we should ask not what our country can do for us but ask what we can do for our country. Health workers, it is time to rise up and remember our calling. This is not a time for us to fight or ask for money or other incentive. Even if we cannot volunteer to help in treating the sick or be involved in research we can create some serious awareness. Imagine the way the whole salt and water thing spread, if we send the right information it can spread just as wide as that and would help checkmate the spread of the virus.

Check your environment and see what you can do. I have said that community pharmacists can hold talks with the people around their pharmacies, pharmacy students and medical students can split themselves into groups and go to other departments when they are about to have a class and lecture them on how they can prevent the virus and other diseases. Show them how to properly wash their hands and how to use bleach to sanitize their homes. It doesn't have to be a long talk, it just has to be effective and cover the basics.

Today i want to write about hand washing. Washing your hand with soap helps to prevent germs. And i know a lot of people don't know how to wash their hands properly. Here is a pictorial that shows how to wash your hands.

I got the last picture from (thanks for stopping by and linking me to your post, aunty mo). Some people even advise that you wash up to your elbows. That might not be so easy to comply with but ensure that you wash your hands the way it is shown properly. Here is a personal tip on what else i also do: If you used a tap that you had to touch to open, try to allow the soapy water to run on it then scrub a little before continuing to scrub your hands. Rinse well with water (both your hands and the knob) before closing the tap. Why do i do that? I feel that my hands contained germs before i opened it and i could have left a small amount on the knob or bowl (if i used a bowl). That is what i feel, don't know if there is any justification but that is what i have been doing for years.

What soap should you use? A toilet soap is sufficient. However some people might be more comfortable with antiseptic soap, there is no problem. However i prefer a hand wash, it is more hygienic. For the non automated hand wash, i usually use the heel (the wrist) of my hand to press the soap (except it is the one i personally use) or any part between my wrist and elbow or elbow. Hey before you all think it is Ebola that has made me like this, i have been like this for years. I have some weird habits!

Anyway this is another tip but it is beauty based. To prevent you from suffering from dry and chapped skin/hands with all the washing or using of hand sanitizers, you could use hand lotions or hand creams after washing. To get best results allow some amount of water to be left on your skin before applying the hand lotions. That is another weird thing about me, i carry a hand lotion too. That is why i cannot carry a small bag. I have about 3 now (one in my bag and 2 on stand by)...*runningaway* The hand lotion keeps your hands soft and supple.

That is all for today folks. Let me go and start writing the other articles. I hope to write on how to identify a good hand sanitizer based on my almost 10 years use of them and how to prevent ebola and other infections. 

I hope you would all like the posts. Knowledge is power. The more you know the better equipped you are. So that you don't fall a victim of rumors like the nonsense rumour that has caused 2 people to loose their lives in Plateau state and about 20 admitted in the hospital. Drinking salt water increases your chances of getting hypertension and if you are hypertensive you could have an hypertensive emergency or urgency when your blood pressure escalates. Another tip: Try to reduce your salt intake in foods and drinks.

Thank you for stopping by. Have a happy weekend.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva.


  1. This post is a great reminder of the necessity of washing hands thoroughly to prevent the spread of disease! Since I'm travelling right now, I'm extra paranoid about washing my hands and so I'm glad I have your reminder to read through again!

    xx Debbie

  2. Thanks I know your name *yaaaaaay*. This post was really needed. Thank you


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