Monday, June 23, 2014


Hey guys, I think I am back to my perky self today but all of a sudden I developed a headache today. All the interns switched units and I got a fresh set of interns so I did a lot of talking so maybe that is why I have this headache. Oh well, that is why I am being paid teaching allowance.

I got called ‘Diva’ by a doctor today. I have been called diva by another doctor at work before but he is a friend and on my bbm list. This person is someone who is much older than me and attends my church but i am not close to him. Any how, he had called me that before and I thought it was a fluke then he said it again today and I am like ‘what? How did he know?’. I think if he calls me that again I would have to ask how he knew that I was the flyest petite diva on this planet. It feels odd when I am called by my alias/nickname in the hospital because I feel shy. Then I get happy and feel cool…

I was able to attend a kiddie’s party on Friday and it was really cool. I enjoyed myself and I lost my scarf. Where? I don’t know. I am still trying to trace the whereabouts of it but I think I left it at the party venue.

Birthday boy on his Harley bike....woot! woot!!

You see when I say this Port Harcourt Electrical company people are not mentally balanced, ehen. For almost 5 days we have not been given power. It is either it is too low or too high or not supplied at all. And it is when it is world cup time they decided to display their craziness. There is God o!

I seem to be having another allergic reaction to my afro bulk attachment. I just recently realised that the breakout that I have been having for almost 7 weeks was been caused by it. At first I felt it was my hormones then someone made me realise that it is my hair. Someone had suggested that it was all the oils I was applying but I have been applying those oils for almost 2 years so that cancelled that reasoning. However from the first day I installed this hair I have been breaking out in different degrees. Unfortunately I can’t loosen this hair right now. I still have about 3 weeks to go. Then I intend going for my 2nd relaxer touch up. I want to see how much growth I have had using castor oil as my growth aid. I want to compare the result with what I got using T444z hair food which I felt didn’t work for me. I want to have proof that my theory was right.

I don't know what is going on with me right now but i have started getting frustrated with my job. Not my job it should be more like with where i am right now i.e Uyo. Families and friends have been calling to ask me when i intend to get out of here and i think i am getting to the point where i want to leave too. I stayed back for some reasons and the reasons are gradually eroding away. I think i need a change of environment but it is not that easy getting a job. Maybe i should focus on my exams first then if i still feel the way i feel, i would start looking for another job? Naaa, I don't think i can go through job hunting anymore. So i guess i am stuck here until i marry out of here or until i say a place that i can transfer to.

This headache doesn’t look like it is letting up soon. It seems to be getting more intense. I need to go now guys. Let me pop some pills and relax. I hope it reduces soon, I need to read. I am getting a little bit sad concerning my studies. Sometimes I read and don’t understand, sometimes I read and don’t remember then sometimes I am too lazy to read. Everybody thinks I have read the whole thing, if they only knew how I was struggling.

Thanks for stopping by.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva.


  1. Hope your headache finally cleared. Sorry about the reaction you are having. What style are you wearing? If you left Uyo, where would you want to go? How is the job market for pharmacists? Good luck with your exams.

    1. Yes it finally went, thanks. I am still wearing the faux dreads. I would probably go to Lagos or Abuja. Thanks a lot.

  2. Guess this' a personal blog. Huh!

    1. Yeah! But i have started branching out by featuring posts from other blogs, however i still have my rants Thanks for stopping by and feel free to look around.

  3. Hello Petite Diva, sometimes negative feeling flood our heads and refuse to go away.
    Your going through a phase that can be fixed.Don't limit yourself....You can find another job while your still on the one you have right now.
    Take time to visit places in Uyo you've never been to, make new friends and look on the brighter side.
    Let me not fool you, it will not be easy but you can do it.
    Your a DIVA right?? ehen then allow the diva in you express itself and stay happy.
    With loads of love.

    1. I have been to everywhere in this Uyo apart from clubs and since i am not a club person i don't mind not going there. I guess i am just missing home right now. I can look for another Job but with the exams coming up that i am not sure i even want to write i can't afford to be moving about now. Thanks a lot for your advice.....

  4. Be thankful dearie. I can't say I understand how you feel but I think there's something triggering this feeling. Nip it in the bud. Nothing is worse than not having job satisfaction or finding happiness in what you do.
    For the reading? You can do it babe, don't be like me that crams oh


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