Sunday, June 8, 2014


Yep, you read right. Last night I decided to find out how much my future husband is supposed to pay as my bride price when he wants to marry me. About 2 weeks ago, almost everyone on instagram and social media was talking about an app/website that was helping people calculate their bride price. I tried checking mine then but I was having lectures and I couldn’t be messing around with my phone. When the lectures were over, I had forgotten about it.

I was reminded about it yesterday when a friend posted a link to an article talking about the people that created the website. In the article, they said that the website was to be launched about 5 days after it blew up. Apparently someone in the team leaked it out and there was an instant rave. 

It is meant to be a joke and not to be taken seriously. I am saying this because somebody started a bit of trouble and said that the site was discriminating. Blah! To that person! It is a joke so she should just chill out.

Anyway I checked it out and the elders which calculate your worth after you have answered a series of questions said I was chassis babe with Nafdac number. For non Nigerians, Nafdac is like FDA in the U.S that certifies that food, drugs and cosmetic are safe for consumption or use and they issue out a number for each product. When I saw the Nafdac number bit, I was like ‘this guys seem to know I am a pharmacist o’! (Nafdac is supposed to be headed by pharmacists). 

I can accept the description but I won’t accept the amount they concluded I was worth. Imagine they said I am worth N354,500 (that is about 2200 USD). For what na? Some of my qualities/qualifications were not included. Like for instance, there was no pharmacist in the employment area. They put hospital work which had a low value and civil servant which I had to eventually chose. I think if they had included pharmacist which would definitely have a high value as it is a noble profession and one of the best profession in the world (don't hate please), I am sure my bride price value would be worth more than that.

And then in educational achievement, they didn’t state other options for post graduate studies. It was just master and Phd degrees that were included as post graduate options. No considerations for those of us studying to be fellows like moi….*grinning*. I am sure if they included all these and more in the calculation for my bride price, it would have more than 500 million naira (around 315,000 USD)…

Anyhow it is just some plain good fun and gives you something to smile about. So ladies hurry up and check your bride price so that your folks know how much to tell your hubby. And the website says you can check the worth of your enemies too….hahahaha.

The website’s address is