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So for those of you who don't know this about me there is something that i despise, hate, can't absolutely stand with every fibre in my body and what is that? FAKE FLOWERS! 

I don't know how exactly i got to be this way but i just know i hate it and have hated it for years. It is so bad that when i went to church one day and i saw some pots with fake leaves/flowers, i was like how could they bring fake flowers to church. I would have preferred pink hibiscus flowers to them. When a friend of mine was getting married a couple of years ago, i accompanied her to get her bridal bouquet and when i saw it i went 'Yikes! this is horrible'. Why would anyone want to carry that on their wedding day? Don't get me wrong the arrangement of the flowers (fake) was very fine but as it was fake it automatically became horrible. When she asked if it was fine, i said it was because it was truly fine but it was just fake flowers.

I had always said to myself that i would rather not carry any bridal bouquet for my wedding that carry fake flowers. That would have been a nightmare. I had been thinking of how my flowers would either have to be sent from overseas or someone would have to specially grow them for me. I was willing to hold one long stemmed rose that was real/natural than 30 fake flowers.

Some months ago i saw pictures of a garden show that was held in Lagos and saw some wonderful flower arrangements. I realised that people were now cultivating roses and the likes in Nigeria, and i was like 'this is what i am talking about, men!'. However those places that sell the flowers i desire are all on the island or close to the island and let's face it, i would be unable to order the flowers from them. Why? My family church is far from them. Before they would bring it, i might have had a panic attack from the delay due to traffic that would definitely happen. And i also know that such places would have cut throat prices that might dig a hole in my pocket and get me the side eyes from plenty (my mum and my future hubby unless i hypnotize him but i can't hypnotize my mum).

So when a friend of mine kept on changing her bbm display picture to pictures of flowers, i was forced to ask whether she had started selling flowers. She replied that someone else was selling them. The first question that i asked was 'are they fake'? And when she said 'no', you should have seen my reaction. I was like 'for real? you are not serious!'. But she was and i can tell you that it is a serious matter o.

Not only are they real, the company has some beautiful designs too. You cannot imagine my joy knowing that i don't have to get married with fake flowers. So now can i get married? Flowers....check... lol

So since every woman likes flowers, here is an idea for the men: why not order for some beautiful natural flowers for that special lady be it your mum, sisters, aunts, lovers or girlfriends (friends that are ladies)? uhn? instead of buying horrible gifts, upgrade your taste and show her that she is worth it. Ladies, you are not exempted. You can order for your mum, sisters, aunts and girlfriends too.

You can also order for the gift basket which includes flowers, chocolates and some pampering goodies. Guys and Ladies, it is time to show a little bit of love to your loved ones. One suggestion i would like to see though is a gift basket that has fruits/healthier options (instead of the chocolates or no sugar chocolates if there is such) because of people like my mum that has diabetes.

Oh! In all my yapping i had forgot to introduce the company behind this amazing idea/product. My bad, i am sorry. Monique A is the company that sells the flowers. They are also into fabulous outfits, shoes and perfumes.

To contact Monique A, please do check out their page on and all the information you need to contact them is stated there. Here are some pictures:

Totally love this....
Pamper basket (what i call it)....
If you need to see more, please check out their page. And if you want the contents of the basket to be changed to suit your taste, you just need to let them know.

Well that is all for our feature business folks. I hope you all don't think i am weird for not liking fake flowers (sometimes i wonder why i am this strange).

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