Saturday, June 7, 2014


Yes people, you read right. I am pleased to announce that journal of a petite diva blog now has its own spanking new facebook page. Woot! Woot!! *hip hop dancing walk* 

I had always seen pages of brands and blogs but I never bothered to try to create one for my blog. I tried once but I kinda of got confused so I closed the page and forgot about it. Then Amaka of recently created a page for her blog. I liked the page, viewed it and thought it was great. The thought to create one for my blog didn’t occur to me until around 1 am this morning when I was viewing my twitter timeline and saw a link to an article that stated 15 reasons to create a facebook page for your brand.

I clicked on the article and before I reached reason number 10, I was already creating the blog’s page. Right now this blog is like a brand to me. I am getting known as a pharmacist who blogs. It is amazing how many people are finding about my blog and keep surprising me by stating that they read my blog.

Some of the reasons why I chose to create a facebook page for the blog was because of privacy for my facebook account. Previously I rarely used my facebook account to upload anything. I just used it to see what was going on in the lives of my friends. I had a friend who said that he had never seen a lady have a facebook page with so little pictures. The pictures that I have presently been updating are as a result of me uploading pictures on instagram. I think I have less than 300 friends in this era when people have over 1000 friends and that is because if I don’t know you, I won’t add you, Period!

But my blog is for everyone and for me to get to a larger audience without compromising the privacy I crave on facebook I had to create the page. Also I can use the page to get more readers by either advertising or due to the fact that when any of my friends or readers like the page and either share a post or like a post, their friends would see it on their timeline. And since I seem to be the strangest person out of my circle that has just that low amount of friends on facebook, just imagine the possibilities of 10 of my friends with over 700 friends seeing my blog post and 10% of them checking out my blog. 

I know I am late , hey! I am always late but then again when I get there I get there with so much pomp and style that people would begin to ask if anybody has ever been there. Do you guys get my drift?

I created the page at about 1:30 am this morning and as of now I have over 18 likes. I have not invited all my friends (I got tired of clicking and I had to sleep) so I am happy with the response. I also saw that one of the people that liked my page is not one of my facebook friends (see what I was saying. Whoop! Whoop!!). So now I have joined the leagues of people saying ‘check out my blog’s facebook page to get the latest info about my blog’. I am now growing up in the blogging adventure.

So guys since I am growing up, I need to change some things. I have to change the look of my blog, I think I have to reduce my critical assessment of the powers that be (because I don’t know who is who now), I might have to reduce some of my fierce ranting (I said reduce not stop, nothing can stop me from ranting or saying what I feel), I would have to increase the number of times I post and might have to diversify by featuring more guest posts as it is impossible for me to be writing every day. 

I do hope when I start to implement some of these changes you guys would like it. Well, guys please like my blog’s page on (that felt so good to write *smiling*). Thanks a lot.

And thank you to the people that liked my page already, I am so grateful. I hope I am able to always keep you entertained, informed and inspired. Thanks for stopping by.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva…

P.S: Guys i need help, my camera and my tablet are not visible to my computer when i connect them to it via USB. I was able to find a way out for my camera by removing the SD card and inserting in the SD card slot but i have no idea what to do with the tablet. I need to know why my tablet and camera are not visible to my computer and what to do? Any ideas guys?


  1. Congrats on the new FB page. It's very helpful for connecting with readers on your blog.

    For your camera and tablet, you may need to reinstall or update the drivers on your computer. Good luck.

    1. Thank you very much, i hope it helps me a lot. I had never installed any driver for the tablet and camera, it was more of a plug and play system. The computer sees it immediately it is plugged in.

  2. Our ministry is moving to the permanent site. My own is adsense oh, it says my email isn't valid. I think you should put the use in another port on your system. X

    1. Yes oh, our ministry is moving higher and higher. As for adsense, the last time i checked my account everything was okay but the problem i have is people clicking on the ads. People rarely clicked them, i don't know how to increase my per click rates. I have tried using all the three ports on the laptop and it is still the same story.


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