Monday, June 2, 2014


I know I normally do a rambling of a diva post but this one is more than rambling, it is rambling with more emotions so hence I changed it to ‘ranting’….lol.

Issue Number 1: This useless voltage that NEPA abi is it PHCN or Port Harcourt Electrical Company I no know, sha all I know is that the useless voltage they are giving me is blowing my bulbs. I have never used 5 bulbs in 1 week before. The silly things either don’t give light or give tomato light (low voltage) or give high voltage! Can’t they be normal for once and give normal voltage?! I am tired of buying bulbs. I have bought 4 bulbs (energy saving ones) within 24 hours. I am not an electrician o! I need to find a way out of this issue, I can’t keep buying bulbs or switching it off. I need light!

Issue Number 2: Within the past two weeks 2 guys (Nigerian and you all know the Arabian guy) have thought I am a girl that is ready to sleep with them at the drop of a hat (is that phrase correct?). See, i am not biased o for all those who thought i am biased. If you don't understand what i mean please check here to read the post and the comments that followed. I don’t know whether it is me or them. And the most annoying part is that they both looked respectable. I met the Nigerian guy while trying to get my personal travel allowance. I was really pissed when I unknowingly discovered his future intentions. I thought maybe I over reacted so I told a guy friend what transpired between us without telling him what I felt. Before I could even say what I felt, my friend said ‘he is an ass, he just wants sex’! And I was like ‘I was right’! Honestly I had to ask myself if I dress or act like I am interested in having sex with every tom, dick and harry? Why am I getting such prepositions? I am tired o. They should not let me get angry o.

Issue Number 3: My people have gone on strike again. By my people, I mean the doctors. This time I no send anybody. Their mates in other countries are developing themselves they are here fighting cat and dog and who is the master fight. Rabbish! Not Rubbish o, Rabbish is stronger than rubbish. Going to Dubai and seeing how their health facilities and Doctors are and coming to meet these ones with their plenty issues, I have nothing to say other than RABBISH! 

Issue Number 4: And this is a very good ranting, I have finally bought a fridge. Boogie to the right, yep, yep, boogie to the left, twirling around, going down low, up again, boogie to the right, hands in the air. Wait a minute, I could have bought a fridge a long time ago but I kept using the money for something else. So should I be dancing or covering my head? I didn’t even buy a big one (no pictures this time because I don’t want Nefe to chop off my head!) but I still bought it right?. I think I would still boogie down small, Whoop! Whoop!!

Anyway folks I think that is all. Can you imagine I actually feel calmer? I love writing for you guys. I don’t know when next I would write, I really need to get serious with my books. I don’t know if I would write the exams this year sef, yes, I am that scared. Anyway it is all in God’s hands. Thanks for stopping by and reading the ‘rantings of a drama queen aka Moi’…

Luv ya to the Skies and back,
Petite Diva..


  1. Lol.. No vex oo.. Your rant about men toasting you.Chicala try and chill my dear. Its one of those things you learn to deal with as a woman.. Abi you no fine? Men will always be men..and always try n climb into your pants you just have to learn how to handle these things with humor unless you go get hypertension onto nonsense. Some men are whores and their disgressions know no bounds.. If you think it will get better by bearing MRS.. OYO for you o. Just learn to laugh it off...
    2. As to the Doctors going on strike. Omowunmi kilode? Let that one be? Can you reverse the strike?If no so why the rant? This Doctor vs pharmacy thing is getting old abeg.. each side should stick to their profession and stop beefing each other. Just my 2cents ni.
    ...comments from an anonymous follower.

    1. I would try to bear with the men as i no want get high b.p for their matter. As for the doctors, please o pharms are not fighting with them. As they have seen we no they send them again they have started fighting each other. Me, i dey watch them from the sidelines with pop corn and 50cl Coca cola. Wetin concern me?

  2. Have you moved to ph? Sorry ehn. Guys will always ask. See ehn, am quite busty and some say I have this seductive looks. If I tell you my story of my uni days you'll pity me. I've learnt to cope with it afterall I should be bothered if guys don't make moves self. X

    1. No o, i am still in uyo but the electrical company suppyling akwa ibom electricity is Port harcourt electrical company. I think i understand what you mean about guys but since i was not used it, it was a bit annoying but i am cool now.


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