Monday, June 16, 2014


So yesterday I finally got to watch the movie ‘I’m in love with a church girl’ featuring Ja rule and Adrianna Bailon. I got the film on one of my ‘spur of the moment’ purchases (God help me with my spending o). I had seen some clips on television when I was at home in Lagos, it was then I understood why Ja rule had been absent from the entertainment scene. He had become a Christian and had been laying low. Which reminds me, does anybody know of any Christian entertainment website where I can follow news on Christian singers/actors or actresses, movie and album release and stuff like that? If you do, please leave the address in the comment section….Thank you.

Anyway the movie had as its executive producers God (yep! You read that right. That was what was written) and Israel Houghton amongst others. It had additional music supplied by Israel Houghton. Apart from Ja rule, other stars included T Bone, Stephen Baldwin (one of the cute Baldwin brothers) Toby Mac, Michael Madsen and a host of others. It is inspired by a true story.

Basically the movie is about an ex drug dealer who is trying to stay clean but is still loyal to his former crew and helps them when they are in trouble. He meets a girl that he had earlier seen but was unable to meet then at an event hosted by his stock broker. Finds out that she is a church girl, she is the whole real deal (because nowadays even the most loyal church goers even pastors are the fake thing). No sex, goes to church, goes for bible study, works in a shop where they sell faith based products, and quotes the bible and most importantly has accepted Christ Jesus as her Lord and Saviour.

They hit it off on the first day, she finds out about his past, sticks around and tries to make him accept Jesus into his heart. They have to endure some challenges though, his mother’s death, lack of sex and an accident. Sorry guys, I won’t tell you more than this because I might ruin the movie for you. So if you can find it, go and watch it.

So here is what I liked and disliked about the movie.

LIKES: I liked that it had the message of God accepting us as who we are. I think that statement made by Vanessa (the lead female character) was the best. God does not judge us based on who we are, what we know, how beautiful or ugly we are. He accepts us as we are and knows that we are human and have flaws. Another statement I loved was ‘God is running the whole show’. God truly is running the whole show of our lives. Have you ever felt that God wanted you to do something and you think you know better then go and do something else and the one you chose doesn’t work out? I can tell you I have. I am a stubborn goat at times. And sometimes I feel I know better and then I end up wasting my time and sometimes getting hurt. I loved the way the message was passed across without boring or scaring me. I think even an unbeliever would be touched and appreciate God for who is and get the message. It has been a while I watched a Christian movie that I couldn’t guess how it would end or better yet how it would lead to the end. It was a really nice experience. 

DISLIKES: As much as I liked the movie, the critic in me couldn’t let some of their flaws slide. No offense but I know I am an old fashioned girl, I totally did not like some of the outfits worn to the church. I saw someone wear an halter neck gown to church and Vanessa wore a very short gown to church. No way! I don’t buy that. Then I noticed that some people were reciting their lines not acting it, a big example: Vanessa’s father! Jeez! The expression on the man’s face was somehow. I don’t know if that is how his face is but I thought it was odd. Then how could Vanessa afford the car she was driving and she was still in school? I can’t remember what her folks did.

But despites the flaws I liked the movie. I like that Christian movies are now upping their stakes and spreading the word to a wider audience. Movies like Chronicles of Narnia, I bet some people did not know that it is based on the bible. Aslan represents the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Now that you know that try to think about the whole movie and see if you can guess what the other characters depict. Other movies like Fireproof (I had heard of it before I watched it) and Courageous (every man should watch this) which made millions and millions and millions of dollars gladden my hearts. Please does anyone know where I can download or watch fireproof online? I can’t order for the DVDs yet. Heard about 'Heaven is real' too but i have been able to watch it.

Well that is all folks. It is not a proper review because I really want you guys to go out there and watch it. I hope you enjoy it and get the message. God is merciful and is in total control of your life.

Thanks for stopping by and remember to like my facebook page. Hey! Nigeria is playing Iran today at the FIFA world cup. Super Eagles please don’t fall my hand o because I no know when Iran started playing ball. Please whoop their asses o!

Luv ya,
Petite Diva

P.S: Just saw that the movie had a bad rating. What is wrong with these movie critics sef? If it is was filled with nudity and profane language it would have a better rating uhn? .....*hissing*


  1. lol! nice post, please keep reviewing the movies as you like, their ratings are based on their own opinions too.

    1. Well *huffing and puffing* they should not be giving films that i like bad ratings.....*smiling*


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