Sunday, June 8, 2014


In case you haven't heard, shea butter is the bomb. It is one of the natural products that help keep hair (black hair especially) moisturised for hours. It is included in some body lotions and creams because of it's superior ability to lock in moisture and prevent your skin from being dry.

Shea butter is butter of choice for my LOC method of moisturising and sealing my hair. Since i knew about the benefits i have not tried any other butter and i intend using it for as long as i can seeing that it is so easy for me to get it. However your hair has to be moisturised first with a water based product to be able to obtain the great benefit of this butter.

While researching on hair care, i noticed that a lot of healthy hair gurus always whipped their shea butter and include some great oils to make it richer. They usually whipped with a blender or mixer while some melted the shea butter a bit and mixed the oils with it. However i read somewhere that melting the shea butter reduces its potency so i knew that option was a no no for me. I didn't have a blender when i started making my whipped shea butter (and now i don't have the energy to be whipping the blender out for shea butter). And i also don't have a mixer so since i make only a small bit at a time, i decided to go manual.

I used to cream butter when i was baking so it is not a difficult thing for me. I placed the butter in a plastic bowl, mash the cubes of shea butter to an uneven paste then begin to stir with a wooden spoon/spatula (omo rogun). I continue beating/mixing until the butter is 90% smooth, you would notice that the colour becomes lighter and it is now fluffy. I then begin to add the oils that i have chosen to use. Right now i don't have any specific set of oils that i use, i just choose anyone i like. But the oils that i must always include are my essential oils: Lavender, citronella and eucalyptus oil. I add the lavender and citronella oils to try and mask the odor of the shea butter and i add the eucalyptus oil for it's anti fungal property and to act like a preservative. When i first started making my whipped shea butter i added a lot of oils and after a couple of days i noticed the oil sitting on top of the shea butter. So now i try to add a very minute quantity of each oil to prevent that separation.

Here are the 'before and after' pictures of the shea butter.....

Pure Shea Butter....

Oils i used this time...

Fluffy Shea butter...
Ready for delivery and use...

That is all for now guys. I need to go, something is making my extension boxes melt and i need to find out what is wrong.

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  1. Hian I don't joke with electricity oh. Jisie ike

    1. Me too o, my theory on why it was getting too hot is that the light was too low and the fridge and the stabilizer were putting so much load on the extension boxes. Because i changed the extension boxes and the power point and it was still the same thing. So now every electrical appliance i own is off till i get home and can monitor it. Port harcourt electrical company are not well. If it is not too high voltage, it would be too low....Nonsense!!

  2. Lol @ something is making your extension boxes melt! I can't find any shea butter anywhere here..going to order some online. It's something I REALLY want to try.

    1. Oh sorry, shea butter is available at almost every corner in Lagos but not readily available in Uyo. Do give it a try, it is awesome.

  3. Are u nw in PH, thot u were in uyo. Nice hair post, u shld b thinking of having a hair line later in future. Miss ur cakes though, do u still mk dem @ all?

    1. I am still in Uyo but according to the electricity bill we receive it seems it is port harcourt electrical distribution company that supplies uyo electricity. You think so? Imagine a hair line called 'Diva's Hair care'....hmmm. I miss my cakes too, I was trying to save up for a gas oven next but i might have to push back the purchase and buy something that i urgently need first.

  4. Nice blog post. Shea butter just have this awesome magic it does to hair growth particularly


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