Thursday, January 15, 2015


Hey lovelies how are you doing? I am a bit out of breath I just completed my 15minutes of exercise. I added 20 squats to my regimen and I am really happy. I don't know if I would include it in my next session but I am happy knowing that my butt had some boosting exercise today (yep! It is said that squats help to boost the size of the butt....I don't know if it is true o).

Anyway I was watching Nelly's reality T.V show on BET and even though I want to limit my viewing of reality shows I am glad I watched some parts of it. Like I didn't know that Nelly (he is a rapper) had kids and big kids for that matter. He has 2 kids and adopted his sister's kids after she died, so he has 4 kids now.  

Nelly really changed my perspective of black rappers. Throughout the episode he kept telling his kids that education was important and they need to understand that. He also sponsors 2 black kids in the university every year. He gave a speech that was exactly what I have always said about the situation with blacks in America. He said that education is necessary to help change the fate of blacks. That until they learn to use it that change cannot be brought about. He also said that people should not say that change cannot be achieved. He said that as long as blacks are not riding the back of the bus at this time means change has always been occurring and it is a matter of the young men and women to continue to make the change happen. It was an awesome speech and I was impressed.

Anyway that is not what I wanted to talk about. In the show they were talking about sex and his 20 year old daughter said something about saying no and abstinence. Nelly now said something about abstinence being their watchword or game and asked her if she was still playing the abstinence game (that is if she was abstaining from sex) and she said yes. He now shook her hand and made her know that he was proud of her.

I was like 'uhn, Nelly? Like the one that sings it is getting hot in here?', the one whose videos have scantily dressed women in his videos advising his daughter to abstain. Wow! He even said he knows that considering all that he has done, he shouldn't really be so concerned about his daughter's decision to be a virgin but he was really proud of her that she is not bowing down to pressure.

This got me thinking about guys and how they apparently over protect the ladies that are close to them, ladies that they seem to think are vulnerable. Is it that they have a radar within them that can sense when a guy just wants to use a girl?

I remember when I dated some guys how my male friends kept telling me that the guys were not up to any good. I was not young but I was naive and stubborn and didn't listen at first but later when I began to listen I had dated them for some months. I think why I didn't listen at first was because I thought the guys had no right to warn me because I felt that most of them didn't really have the right standing to tell me so.

But when I later thought about things and began to investigate and put pieces together I knew I was through with the relationship. So when I eventually broke up with them I didn't tell my guy friends until later. When I could tell them all that happened without crying or hurting. And then they began to tell me what they saw and why they said I should quit the relationships I was a bit stunned and angry. They should have told me everything but when I think about it, if they had told me everything I won't have believed them.

As I think about it and see some examples with some of my guy friends calling out the boyfriends of my girlfriends or their sisters I realised that it seems guys have an internal radar that tells them when a guy is a keeper or a player. I don't know if it is because they recognize the traits or they investigate with a clear head.

All I do know is that if you have really close guy friends and they warn you about a guy step back and investigate further. I wish I had listened to my guy friends when they warned me but it is better late than never. At least because of them I was able to get out faster than I would have if they didn't say anything. When I told one of them about my last ex and that I had to leave the relationship because of some issues. He said but he told me that is what would happen and I am angry at myself because I can't remember when he said so. I don't know if I would have listen but I know it would have made me sensitive and I would have been out of the relationship earlier.

I don't know if I am wrong but that is what came to me when I was watching the reality T.V show yesterday. If you have any contrary opinion please let us know in the comments section. You know that i don't know it all.

That is all for today. I made lovely doughnuts and I want to dig into another set. Follow me on Instagram @princesspetitediva and Facebook page to view pictures of my baking experiments.

Thanks for stopping by.....

Luv ya,
Petite Diva


  1. Petite diva,
    Concerning those doughnuts, errr, can I get another baked doughnut? :D

    1. can get another one if you bake it yourself o. I am not trying that thing for now.


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