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I chose this picture even though it is South African because it reminds me that we don't need a lot to be brave and fight for peace, freedom and improvement for our country..
Hey guys, how have you been? I was up to something nice today. I baked again, don't worry I would tell you all about it later. I would like to talk about politics today.Yes, politics. If you have been listening to news about Nigeria, you would know that this year is election year.

And lately there has been a lot of noise every where in the name of campaigning for their candidates. There is no day I don't see a lot of rubbish thrown at each of the prominent candidates. The two main presidential candidates are two opposites as opposite can be. And people are playing on that.

One is a southerner and a Christian and the other is a northerner and a Muslim. And though Nigeria is a multicultural and multireligion country, thanks to groups like Boko Haram, Isis and people like Sadam Hussein people are skeptical of muslims. They believe all Muslims are trying to islamise everyone and anyone that does not agree to their terms would be killed. They seem to forget that people who that are not true Muslims but humans possessed with a vile spirit!!

When Boko Haram started their activities I didn't understand what their agenda was but lately everything is getting clearer and clearer. People keep blaming the northerners for their activities but me, I have a strong feeling that southerners are behind the whole gang. They are the ones financing the whole issue.

Bear with me and follow my reasoning. I have friends in the military and I know the capabilities of the military. I have never understood why Nigeria can help others and can't seem to conquer Boko Haram. Ideally they should be the problem of the police now even the military can't take care of them for over 4 years.

Then why is it that when military from other countries offered to help especially after the capture of the chibok girls, someone or some people prevented them from doing so. Why have the activities of Boko Haram been majorly on churches in the north, churches that have existed for a long time?.

Why do the military men have weapons that are outdated? And why does the military sentence the men that protest to death? If they protest they can be dismissed without benefits so why the death sentence uhn? Is it to try and instill fear in the other men? Are they waiting for non military personnel to protest on behalf of the men and then they would provide them with proper weapons? Where are the insurgents getting money to buy the sophisticated weapons uhn?

The presidency once said that some people in his government are part of Boko Haram or something like that and I am astonished at that. Can't such people be stylishly silenced? Except there is something that you are benefiting from it or that you are blackmailed with.

My family and some of my friends used to think that the northerners/muslims were behind the whole insurgency thing until we all sat down and thought about it. We know something is not right with the situation.

As the elections draw near it became clear to me the essence of the whole situation. Majority of Nigerians are so emotional and don't think clearly at times. You have two candidates; a Muslim/northerner and a southerner/Christian and we have Boko Haram instilling fear into people. Guess who they would choose?

I don't know who the better candidate is but if I was to choose I definitely would not tilt towards anyone that has not released a credible manifesto showing what he intends to do or has done but whose aides are always on social media trying to smear the other candidate. It is incredible the amount of nonsense that his aides say. I honestly have to say I see why he is unable to perform. If you have aides who are clueless and tactless as those things and you are not strong enough you would fail. It is not rocket science.

The latest slander attack I read today was on the Muslim candidate going for a thanksgiving held for Lagos in a church and I was stunned. If a leader be it is a Muslim or christian one is going to be a leader of a multi religion country like Nigeria you need to have a level of tolerance for each religion. Apparently the aide didn't see the pope attending a service in a mosque or the Queen of England enter a mosque or when the Archbishop of Canterbury was been installed Imans and Jewish leader attend the ceremony. Enough is enough already!

They don't seem to understand that the more you smear the person's image the more popular you make that person.

I think I would end this post with what a friend posted on his page on Facebook today:

 2015 Election...

I have watched with amazement the attacks and counter-attacks from the big-wits and 'make-we-follow-go' members of the two largest political parties in Nigeria-APC and PDP, on why GEJ is better or worse than GMB (depending on which side you view it). Many have thrown their integrity to the dust in this build up, while some others never really had it from the beginning, that we already knew. With our current attitude and state of mind, who will eventually be better for Nigeria? None.

Whoever wins this election will eventually not do much, here is why. This election, just like the last two, is acrimoniously polarizing the nation on many grounds-North vs South; Muslim vs Christian; those in Power vs Those that want a bite; old looters vs nascent looters; etc. If only we had grown beyond these dichotomous characteristics and cared about Nigeria, one will not fear the outcome. Whoever loses the election, will eventually work to destroy the effort of the winner to prove that the winner was a bad choice.

It will be ludicrous to tell me Yar'adua never had great plans (unfortunately, he died too soon),GEJ has not attempted great exploits (please suspend talks about corruption, we are responsible for it), or claim Buhari did nothing. If only we saw ourselves as Nigerians and truly cared about our country, we would have seen through the anti-corruption fight of Yar'adua, the re-structuring of oil refineries, the removal of oil subsidy, stopped insurgency right at Mohammed Yusuf, helped power development; increased our manufacturing capabilities; stopped ethnic discrimination, developed religious tolerance. Yet tomorrow, if GMB wins oil-region insurgency will resume, the looted money bags will change hands; if GEJ wins the sabotage and looting will continue unabated. Either way, ethnic rivalry may re-awaken, losers will declare war and Nigeria will keep suffering.

Dear fellow Nigerians, enough is enough. Lets stop the crudity, lets see our country as home and build it just like we build our place of abode. Lets join forces to eliminate sabotage. If the next man does something wrong, stand against it. Lets not support looters because another from another tribe, had done it before. Let honest men come forth to lead. If every good man or woman detests politics, how will it get cleaned. If we condone minor pilfers, on what moral justification do we prosecute bigger crimes and vice versa. Lets stop living on past glories, our country is fast drowning, and we are the ones to fix it. Other countries do not give a hoot about our welfare and they never will. They only care about what will benefit them in whatever they do with us.

In summary, lets do the political bickering respectfully and logically. Vote whoever you wish and do not facilitate malpractices.Whoever wins shouldn't go on revenge mission but should champion the Nigerian cause; Whoever loses should please support the Nigerian cause. There is only one true home, and that is Nigeria.
Source: facebook.com/Michael Udoh

Please vote wisely, don't vote based on religious or tribal sentiments but based on the desire for a better future for Nigeria. Remember that your actions today would affect your future.

In all, I know that God is in control of Nigeria. It would be well with us. I wasn't born a Nigerian at this time to see it crumble.

Thanks for reading my thoughts. I know that you could have used your time for something else.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva


  1. God is in control........let's keep praying.

  2. Right now our country needs prayers. We don't know anything anymore. In fact our knowledge is practically useless as regards our country's politics
    Diva, you know you owe me a guest post right?

  3. Very hard subject but I agree with that. Nice idea for post.
    Greets, Nabil ;)



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