Sunday, January 4, 2015


Hey guys, how have you been? So since I can remember I have always tried to set goals at the beginning of the year or month. Now do I follow through? No! I realised that I write the goals but I never wrote the plans to achieve the goals.

Goals are what you want to achieve and plans are how you want to achieve the goals. So you see you need to have plans to help with the goals as well as the goals.

But while reading 'Dream big dreams' by Brian Tracy and Andrew Wood I realised I was also missing some things too.

According to Brian, he says that goals have to be SMART. I am used to SMART being Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time bound or timely. But he says it is SMART is specific, motivational, attainable, relevant and trackable.

The goals must be specific, you need to state what you want. It must have the emotional power to excite you enough to invest the time and effort necessary to realise those goals. It must be attainable and your short term and intermediate goals must be relevant to your overall goals. You must also be able to track it because if it is not trackable it won't be effective as a motivational tool.

I would state an example of one of my goals is to finish one book either spiritual, motivational or financial every month. My plan is to divide the chapters of the book by the days in the month and read the allocated chapters once a day. My first book is the above named one and it has 18 chapters so I read one chapter a day. Nothing less and nothing more, I could read more but I don't because i want to be consistent and allow it to form as a habit.

I actually have goals for every aspect of my life even for my hair (don't laugh but it is important to me so I need to set goals for it and plans to achieve it).

I encourage you all to try it. What is the worst that can happen? Right? You would just waste a few hours writing the goals and plans. I plan to constantly remind myself about my goals and why I want to achieve them.

That is all for today. I found a blogging planner and a budget planner online that I intend to print and use it to help me achieve my blogging and financial goals. I really hope they help.

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Petite Diva....


  1. Thanks for the inspiration to Read many Non professional Books. Please where can I getthe blogging planner?

    1. You are welcome. The one I downloaded was from www.home school But you can find many others that are free if you don't like the design.

  2. The blogging planner sounds good.... How are you preparing for the end of the hols Diva?

    1. Since we are still on strike, I intend to read and brush up on my baking/cooking skills. I want to try coconut cake, meatpie and homemade popcorn this week....*dancing*

  3. Mehnnnnn you have one helluva blogging I can't wait...How are you mami?


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