Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Brian Tracy....
Hey guys, I am happy to announce that I have finished the first book for the year. Yay!!! A round of applause for me. I finished yesterday on day 19th instead of 18th because I missed a day when I had a serious headache.

Sometimes we need to know that some things happen for a reason. I was beating myself up for not reading it earlier. While I was reading it I felt like I had picked it up before but I couldn't understand it so I dropped it. Why? Brian Tracy starts most of the chapters with stories about golf and golfers. Even though I still did not understand half of what he was saying, I was able to follow some parts. I used all the films that I had watched and stories of golfers like Tiger woods to imagine playing in a golf course.

I am grateful that now I know that iron shot is a type of golf club so when I get to take a golf lesson (and I would, mind you) and go to a classy golf course I won't seem too lost.

I was able to understand the power of motivation. There were so many times I didn't feel like reading the book, I was basically being lazy.com but I remembered that I have a goal of reading at least 12 books this year. I remembered that I was tired of the way my life is going and I want to change it. And to help in changing it I need to expand my knowledge and change the way I think and books would help me with that.

Once I remembered that the laziness immediately leaves and I pick up the book. I fully understand having a powerful motivation to propel me in achieving whatever I plan. So for every goal I intend to write down why I want to achieve the goal and then remind myself about it whenever I feel tired or lazy.

I understand the importance of setting goals and having plans. The importance of long term goals, mid term goals and short term goals. I have realised that when you achieve short term goals that motivates you to continue and achieve greater goals.

I understand how positive thinking can help dispel negative thoughts. One thing I loved that was stated in the book was that the mind can only contain one thought at a time. So if you fill it with positive thoughts there is no space for negativity or fear.

I learned that I am responsible for everything in my life. I can't blame anybody for my failures. Funny enough before reading the book while thinking about my life and the fact that some of my hopes and dreams had not happened, I was blaming everything but me. Reading the book helped open my eyes to see that it was my fault. For years I forgot about my dreams and took up the dreams of others. I allowed others to dictate what I should do and where I should be. I allowed them (unknowingly) to make me settle.

Reading the book has made me to realise that I can't do that anymore. I am going to do things differently from now on and it is going to be strange to people but my goals, my dreams are mine and I am not going to apologize for going after it.

I recommend the book 'Dream big dreams by Brian Tracy and Andrew Wood' to everyone. However you might have to put up with the golf talk but it is worth the trouble. They try to relate all that is said to every aspect of life.

Now that I have read it, it need to implement all that I learned. Reading is not enough to effect the changes that I desire but action is also necessary.

That is all for now guys. I hope I didn't bore you to death.

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