Sunday, January 11, 2015


Happy Sunday you guys, how are you this lovely Sunday? Hope you are cool. A couple of months ago, someone on my Instagram timeline stated she was on a challenge to learn 1 bible verse per week for a year. And that got me motivated , so one of my spiritual goals this year is to learn one bible verse per week.

I choose the verses randomly. They usually come to me at different times and different places. The first two I chose were read by my priest in church.

Not only do I want to learn the verses, I am more concerned about the essence of the verses. I want to be able to quote the verse but also act on the verse. I don't just want to know the words but I want to walk the words because most people don't listen to the words from our mouth but the words from our action or walk. And I hope by God's grace I would be able to do so.

The first verse I chose was Genesis 2:19 and the essence of it to me was speaking into your situation. Calling things as you want them to be and having faith that it would be so.

So that is my own goal/plan, what is yours? Please do share with us who knows, you could inspire someone in their spiritual walk.

That is all for today guys. I made the first cooking experiment for the week. For pictures check out my Instagram page @princesspetitediva. I would post all the recipes and links to the recipes at the end of the week when I am through with all my experiments.

Have a beautiful week and thanks for stopping by....

Luv ya,
Petite Diva

P.S: I owe Esther of a feature post and I had been clueless on what to write but I finally got an idea of what I want to write. I would be sure to let you guys know when I write it and when she puts it up....


  1. my goal is is to pray more and be thankful. I will wan to add the bible verse thing to it oo

    1. Hey, i think i would join you in the thanksgiving aspect. Thanks for that...


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