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Ah shoki, shoki, Ah Shoki, Shoki..... Lol. I am sure some of you are like 'what is she saying' Since Moby of said she won't dance shoki this year I decided to just say the 'ah, shoki' part since I can't dance it. The pictorial above is supposed to teach how to do the dance but I still don't understand it. Maybe one of you guys can make a video for me to learn how to dance it.

Anywaaaay I was reading my chosen book for this month 'Dream big dreams' by Brian Tracy and Andrew Wood and chapter 8 talks about Motivation of Champions. It practically talks about what motivates champions which could be positive or negative, how to stay motivated and the fact that you need to move what you do to be able to excel at it.

For leaders or professionals it states that you need to motivate or empower people around you. According to Brian, there are three types of people you need to empower on a regular basis.

Your family, spouse, children and friends are one set. Your staff, co workers, peers, colleagues and your boss are the second set. Then the other set are the people you interact with on a day to day basis.

With the first set (and every set of people in your life), the simplest way to empower them and make them feel good is to continually express appreciation for everything the person does for you. A simple thank you does a lot. And the more you thank people for doing things for you, the more things those people will want to do.

Personally I am big on people saying thank you. I am not talking about saying thank you ten or hundred times for something but at least a genuine thank you for anything that is done for you is nice. I think why I feel that those who don't say thank you are rude is because when I was graduating from primary school my proprietor said we should never stop saying the three magic words. They are 'thank you', 'please' and 'sorry'. So people that don't say thank you infuriate me. A relative once told me that do I want to eat the thank you of someone and I was shocked. I just refused to answer her because I just did not feel like arguing.

The second way to make people feel important is to 'praise them'. Use the power of praise and approval to make people feel good. It is said that when you praise people they feel good about themselves and like you and are more willing to help you achieve your goals.

Another way is to pay close attention to what they say when they are talking. Listening is truly an art and it makes people feel like you care.

For work relationships, defining their work duties, spending time talking to colleagues/employees and putting their needs into consideration would help you achieve your goals faster.

For the third set of people in addition to what has been stated, the ability to empathise with people and understand their situation would help you get far ahead in life.

Reading this book has been quite an experience. I am a bit disappointed with myself for not reading it sooner. I have had it for more than 7 years and I just threw it in my wardrobe. But all I can say is that it is better late than never. Maybe I was meant to read it now when I could understand it more.

That is all for now guys. Hope you were inspired by today's post. Hey, did you know that Mark Zuckerberg is also on a reading challenge for this year. Yay! Champions think alike...I feel like the flyest champion around. He is doing a bit more than I am. He plans to read one book every two weeks. I can't do that for now. If you want to know the books he would be reading, check out Facebook for his reading challenge page.

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