Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Hey guys, do you notice anything new about my blog?  I have a swanking new facebook badge by the right hand side which allows me to share every post i write on my facebook page. Yippee!! #Dancing

Before all you technological gurus and Fatima roll their eyes at me because i just discovered this after a zillion years after facebook was launched, let me just tell you right now that i don't care! I am just way too happy right now....Whoop!Whoop!!

I used to notice how people uploaded a link of their blogs and websites on their pages and i have been trying to find out how they did it. I searched for it on google and couldn't quite understand the steps. So yesterday after writing my post, i opened my facebook page on my computer (which i rarely do, i usually check my page on my blackberry) and started playing with every app or link i saw. If you ask me how i was able to do it, i have no freaking idea. I was just doing trial and error. 

Now i am looking for a way to put up the social media icons on my blog like i see in a lot of blogs (that was another  thing that motivated me yesterday) and also register for instagram. Anyhow, i am just happy about my discovery. 

Oh! I called that shipping company again and to show that those people are not co-ordinated, the lady i spoke to did not know that they had shipped my items. She asked if i had paid and i almost lost it! What in the world?! When she found out that it had been shipped, she gave me a waybill number then about 3 hours later i was sent a different waybill number by the logistics manager #rollingmyeyes. Do you see what i said about their nonsense? I am just glad my items are on the way and i pray that they arrive here safely. They also replied my testimonial write up and tried to sound like because they are in their testing stage they are bound to have some flaws. 

True! In your testing stage, you are permitted to have some flaws but at least your customer service should be truthful and the fact you have another company should reduce those flaws. Anyway, i don't think i am interested in using them anymore so i am on a serious search for a reasonably priced shipping company that provides me with a U.S address and ships to Nigeria and does not use DHL or UPS! I discovered that most of the companies that offer the service i need use these courier services which are really pretty expensive. Imagine buying items worth 16 dollars (with shipping cost to the U.S address) and paying 63 dollars for shipping, that is crazy!

Oh well, the search continues. Now i am off to try out my 'share my blog' gadget, it is going to make my facebook friends know how frequent i blog because i rarely use facebook except to check up on friends.

See you guys soon.
Luv ya,
Petite Diva

P.S: I am really loving the blog that is run by Emmy Collins http://diarybyemmy.com. He has a way of saying the truth about the way most of Nigerian celebs dress and act. And i have to say that i agree with most of his views. Thank God they are reading it. Are they listening? Some are, i think. Tiwa Savage's reduction of her make up has made her look more beautiful. Check it out, i am sure you would agree with a few posts.

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