Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Mini Haul

So I have been home for almost a week now and I have not stepped outside my house except to go to church on Sunday. I had to go out today to get money and also to buy braid extensions for my hair. Since I have been carrying my natural hair for almost 5 weeks (I have been wearing a wig) which is a major deal for me, I don’t like wearing wigs for more than 1 week. 

So after getting my braid extensions and my mother’s weave (my mother has used Lagos sense for me…lol), I was leaving the market when I saw some people bent over some goods selecting stuff and as usual, Mowunmi (in case you don't know, that is me) couldn’t pass and go, I had to see what was on sale. And I got some really cheap stuff, I am not sure whether they are original or fake but since I didn’t spend more than 200 naira on them, I am good.

So here is my mini haul:
·     Amigos Super Star extensions: I got them in colour 33 which is kind of a wine colour and I want to use them for Ghana weaving with braids. Ghana weaving usually causes the hair on my hairline to cut but I am going to instruct my braider to leave some hair. It would not be neat but that is why I got my next item. 2 packs cost 770 naira.

·        Crystal Styling gel: What caught my eye with this gel was the fact they claimed that it contained no alcohol. Then it is supposed to be fast drying and cause no flakes. It also contains protein (Hydrolysed wheat protein). I turned to back and guess where it was made? U.S.A!! It is made by J.F labs Inc, Chicago, IL. They might have removed the original gel and put a fake gel but I am going to believe that they are too busy to do that and believe I got a great deal. It cost me just 50 naira.

·    Clueless Lipstick: You know Clueless as in Clueless, the movie. Apparently the lipstick is one of the movie’s promotional items. I didn’t even look at the name when I got it. I just wanted a really neutral/brown lipstick. It was when I was taking the picture of the lipstick, I turned to the ingredient list and saw ‘TM & Paramount Pictures All Rights Reserved’ and I was like ‘When did Paramount pictures start producing lipsticks?’. Turning back to the front, I saw ‘Clueless’. That is when it clicked. Let’s hope the lipstick is a colour I can rock because from the swatch I did, I am not impressed. Oh well, if I can’t rock it, I would either give it to my mum or the trash bin would hold it. It cost 50 naira too…..#smiling.

The Lipstick Swatch
·        Wide tooth Comb: for black hair, small toothed combs are a no, no. The wider and smoother the teeth are the better for your hair. I had a big comb but it wasn’t as wide as I wanted. I am happy that I bought the comb. It means less breakage for me when I am detangling and it cost 100 naira…….Yay!!#dancing

The old and the new (can you notice the difference....)
·    Needme Lip Pencil: It is a wine coloured lip pencil. I plan on rocking this with plain lip gloss, neutral liquid lipstick, a plum lip gloss and just playing with it. The beauty of make-up is that you can play with colours so I am going to play with my lip liner……#Grinning. It cost 50 naira.

·      Nail dissolver: I was looking for a cheap nail polish remover but I could only find this. There was no way I was going to spend so much on a nail polish remover when I have a very expensive one back in uyo. I just needed to remove the old polish on my toes. I plan on getting a manicure and pedicure from an expert very soon (I am very excited, it would be my first ‘professionally’ done mani and pedi). Anyway, the dissolver was not it at all, it made my nails white. I won’t be using it again. It cost 50 naira.

·     Black Radiance Eye shadow: it is supposed to be black radiance but I seriously doubt it. However since I am more familiar with the foundation of black radiance I cannot really say if it is a fake. However before I use on my eyelids, I would swatch it on my hand for a while and see if I react to it or if it is grainy or loose. Because if it is loose or grainy, it could irritate my eyes. It cost 50 naira.

That is all about my mini haul from balogun market. I seem to need a refresher tour for the market. I forgot where some places used to be and kept taking the wrong turn, anyway I got my groove back before I left the place.

I gotta run, guys. I am hungry……#smiling. Hope you have a great day.

Petite Diva.

P.S: Thank God after 6 days of calling their customer care office, airtel finally credited my modem with the 3GB (night plan) that they owed me. In fact they gave me 3.81GB, I wonder why? I am not complaining though. I can’t wait for it to be 9pm and I can start browsing heavily.

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