Saturday, July 6, 2013


I know some of you are surprised but I am just tired of the whole thing! I am not enjoying this journey at all. I enjoy washing and taking care of my hair but I am not enjoying being a natural. I check out many blogs of naturals and I see them rocking a lot of styles with their natural hair but I can’t seem to get a hang of those styles with my hair.

Then my hair is super coily! If there is a type 4D hair, I would say that is my hair. It is so coily, any time I touch my hair one coil must follow my hair. I get that hair must break but I think my breakage is getting out of hand. Even though I think I am retaining as much length as I am gaining, so i guess it is not that bad. I think it is because I was protective styling with weaves and Ghana weaving. Then lately I discovered that if I put my hair in twists while wearing my wig during the day, I lose less hair except when I am twisting it. So I have been doing that for almost 4 weeks and it is helping my hair growth. I seem to be almost at armpit level…Whoop! Whoop!!

But the bad part is that I can’t see it. I sent a picture to my friend of a stretched part of my hair and she said it is only one strand that is that long #sad. Most naturals abroad usually blow dry their hair and flat iron it to check their length and rock it straight but I can’t do that. I don’t how to flat iron my hair (or rather I don’t have that patience for it) and most Nigerian hair stylists don’t know how to do it and are not ready to learn. So rocking my natural hair has been boring for me and I have not been able to see my full length.

Then lately I happen to stumble upon some blogs of some long haired relaxed ladies and I am convinced if I continue to do all what I have been doing to my natural hair to my relaxed hair, it should continue to thrive. Being relaxed would allow me to rock different styles and enjoy my hair. Since I have fine/scanty hair, I don’t plan on relaxing my hair. I plan on texlaxing my hair. It would loosen the curls a bit but also allow me to have a lot of other styling options.

Right now my plan is on hold because of my bald spots (all thanks to the mighty kinky twists that i did) but I am hoping that by December my bald spots would have filled out and  when I texlax it won’t look pathetic….#smiling.

Hope I didn’t bore you guys with all my hair talk? I think I should have a blog just dedicated to hair so that I don’t bore most of my male readers with all my hair rambles.

Later guys (my tummy is letting me know that I am hungry).

Luv ya,
Petite Diva.

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