Monday, July 1, 2013


I am finally through with one of my many presentations this year and i can get in the groove of blogging but i find myself so uninspired lately. I feel a writer's block coming up....noooooooooo #crying.

Maybe it is because i am a little worried and a lot pissed of with a particular shipping company. It is called SHIPPY ME, a nigerian company that is supposed to give you a U.S address and allow you to order things online to the address and then they ship it to you here in Nigeria. It has been almost a month that i have been dragging the whole 'where is my package issue' with them. the most annoying part is that i have paid them in full, infact i have over paid them because i found out a big flaw in their billing process.

My biggest mistake is that i ordered for a lot of things and i trusted a newly formed Nigerian company. Lesson learnt! Never trust a new Nigerian company but the fact is that i trusted them since i had used their sister company, CIRCUIT ATLANTIC. Anyway, i can't wait till i get my packages and cease to use that company. I am just hoping and praying that i won't have to go to their office in Lagos because i know myself, i would get mad and start causing a big fuss (yoruba lagos style).

I would do a proper review of their companies later on but if anybody, even if it is your worst enemy is thinking of using the company i advice them to not try it at ALL. I was about to write a review in their testimonial section of their website when i saw other reviews, someone actually wrote and i quote 'the service is pathetic and fraudulent' and a lot of other bad reviews which made me feel better.

Right now when i called this afternoon i was told that my packages have been shipped and i would be getting my waybill number so that i can retrieve my packages, i am still waiting for the number as of 11:20pm. I would have to call again tomorrow. And i am not happy at all. Earlier on i was going to forget about the excess amount i paid but right now i don't think so. I want my full REFUND! The service is not worth encouraging at all.

Well, that is what is bugging me for now. Onto cheering news for me, i would soon start my annual leave....Whoop! Whoop!! I can't wait for my leave to start.

Oh, by the way, Happy New Month folks.....#Dancing. We have made it into the month of July. May this month be filled with joy, peace, happiness and so much blessings than we can comprehend, in Jesus' name, Amen.

Gotta run, i am on call presently and it seems we might not sleep early due to some road traffic accident and a domestic accident that just occurred (and all the other patients that are in the hospital).

Luv ya,
Petite Diva.

P.S: WAIT A MIN! I just wrote an okay post.....Yippee!! I can't believe it. Guess i got inspired by the crappy service i am receiving from that company.

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