Friday, July 12, 2013


So y’all know that I am getting a bit tired of my natural hair, but I am definitely not tired of washing my hair. I love seeing my natural hair curl in its wet state and it is easier to see my length when my hair is wet. I also enjoy mixing my concoctions and oils for my hair and applying them.

So here we go:

1.     Prepooed with hot olive oil over-night, covered my hair with a plastic bag and used a wig cap to hold it in place so that the bag stays in place and oil is not all over the place. Since I am at home I had to make do with the oil at home as I couldn’t bring my special mix of oil Uyo. I was already carrying a lot of load and just couldn’t add any more itefrom ms. I usually like carrying my small box but I had to carry my big box because of my unnecessary and necessary load. I think I have a picture of my box on my phone, yep I do.
2.   The next morning, I decided to try out a new technique. I applied my mum’s conditioner (Hair fruits, peach fragrance) on my sectioned hair and detangled. I normally detangle once a week (after deep conditioning to minimize the amount of hair I see breaking) but today I decided to detangle with the conditioner and oil on my hair. I lost some hairs but it was not much.

3.     I washed my hair with my diluted sulphate shampoo (VO5). They say sulphate shampoos are the devil, but I have about 2 full bottles and there is no freaking way I am throwing away (or giving it out) my shampoos just to start looking for sulphate free shampoos that would end up costing about 6 times the price of one of my VO5 shampoo. Call me cheap but I am trying to reduce the amount I spend on my hair. I want to use easily accessible products for my hair and also retain growth so that when my hair becomes the envy of people I can show them that products that are easily (or sometimes not easily) found in Nigeria that can help them grow their hair. With the exception of my oils and conditioning caps and towels (which at the end of the day might be available in Nigeria and last a long time) I am planning on cutting all my hair expenses. And I also use the sulphate shampoos because I dilute them (40:60, 40% of the shampoo and 60% of water), I wash once and I always, always prepoo with hot oil on my scalp and hair or on my scalp and a protein treatment on my hair. So I reduce the drying effect of the shampoo.

4.     Tea rinse with my tea made from Ahmad’s black tea (strawberry flavor). Bought this tea because of its smell and to drink not use on my hair but at that time, I was told by my doctors to avoid caffeine when I started having symptoms of Tachycardia. Luckily for me, I discovered that tea (black or green) helps with shedding, so it was not all that bad….#smile. I allowed the tea to run off, I didn’t rinse it off like I normally do. Big mistake! It made my hair so dry.

5.   I deep conditioned with my organics tea tree oil/ cholesterol treatment for about 2 hours. Covered my hair with a plastic bag, shower cap, my new turbie twist (I soaked it in hot water, squeezed the water out and wrapped it on my head), covered with another shower cap then put on my mother’s old conditioning cap. That cap has been in my house for almost 25 years. It was actually a conditioning cap that uses electricity but apparently it was having some fault so it couldn’t be powered by electricity again. I just cut the wire and use it like that. #sharpgal.

My Mother's Conditioning cap

6.     I detangled after deep conditioning then rinsed off. My hair was really dry all thanks to the tea. I don’t think I am trying that method in the next 1 month. It was just too drying for me. I would rinse it off after it has stayed for about 5 mins. 

7.     I applied my leave in conditioner when my hair was about 60% dry, applied my olive oil to seal in the moisture and applied my shea butter mix and allowed to dry.

I know what you guys must be thinking. ‘She has time o! I don’t think I can wash my hair for almost 4 hours’. However as I was doing all my hair rituals, I totally scrubbed my toilet/bathroom from top to bottom, washed all the dirty plates and pots, arranged some of the items I brought from Uyo and swept the kitchen. You see, I did some housework. If I wanted to wash my hair in a salon, I would just waste about 3 hours and i would not be satisfied with what is done to my hair.

I didn’t do any protein treatment this time because I have been doing protein treatments back to back for almost 5 weeks and I think my hair needs to rest before I go into protein overload and experience serious breakage.

Well, that is enough hair talk for today. I am feeling sleepy so I think I should have a little nap. See ya very soon.

Petite Diva.

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